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  1. Hey @Trace how is your recovery coming along? Curious of your results as ur pre op boobies could of been mistaken for mine lol How is everyone's recovery coming along?
  2. I had a great shift today, so much better than yesterday. I got the ok from my Dr to return 2 weeks post op and feel great otherwise, think I was just having a shitty day yesterday. I'm not doing anything which can hurt me, not helping with patient mobilisation or anything that strains the chest muscles. My poor back is aching from being on my feet with extra weight to hold up tho lol.
  3. So had my first shift back today and my back is killing me, even struggled putting on a patients shoes lol, short staffed as usual so had a big load not to mention my 160kg bariatric patient. My right incision is really tender today so hoping I haven't hurt it :/.. Psych nursing is hard just not in the physical sense. Takes a special kinda nurse for that. I'm really not looking forward to going back Tomoz
  4. How's Side sleeping @Simmie, I've been told I can sleep in any position and I've partially been side sleeping but I'm worried I'm gonna wake up with my implants pushed together and stuck like that, I already don't have any side boob so can't afford to loose any haha. I'm a rehab and palliative care nurse so alot of lifting and rolling patients is required so I'm hoping I can get out of having to do that. Do you find you tire easy in clinic?
  5. Patterns will be good and distracting and will work well I think, if anything I recon people will think you have lost weight which you kinda have ?.. I'm more concerned about the wardsman and 1 particular nurse who has been dying to know why I have been away and I feel selfish in getting a BA and didn't want her to know as she has had breast cancer. Anyway thankyou I'm sure it's nothing I can't handle anyway ☺️.
  6. What size implants did you have? I think it will depend on the clothing you wear, if you used to wear tight fitted tops and go back to wearing them they will prob notice, be careful cause they may think you have had a mastectomy and that could be awkward ??. If you go on to wearing padded bras initially then I don't think people will notice. My boobs look like they do in a padded bra and when I went out for drinks the other night no one even noticed until the one girl who did know blurted it out which was awkward as it was in front of work colleagues and one of the Drs was asking me sooooo many questions. I wear scrubs to work which are loose but I think my boobs are noticeable in it so not looking forward to Tomoz, I work with so many gossipers and sticky beaks lol
  7. I think Endone really makes u feel awful and the ABs tasted horrible and made me burp and taste them, it was gross!! being on your feet all day teaching will be very draining but I think with a well balanced diet and plenty of fluids you will get through fine. Do you feel empty in the boobie area now and lighter in the chest? Must be a very strange feeling?
  8. @HarperHenIs your job strenuous? I was freaking out at like day 5 and 6 thinking wow I feel so tired there is no way I'm going to be ready to go back to work as I'm a nurse and will be on my feet all day but I'm more than ready now. Will prob still get tired but will take it easy. Just take it easy, rest when you can. Day 3 is still early, I was vommiting from the anaesthetic still on day 3. Drink heaps of water to flush your system out. I took 2 coloxyl and senna to help with my bowels and my oh my did it help which made me feel so much better and not so sluggish! one think that I also found was making me drowsy and feel like crap was the pain meds, stopped the heavy ones on day 3 and only took nurofen or panadol for a few days and now havent had anything at all for a while although was going to take some panadol for some zingers I was getting in my incisions today but that passed. Looking good @Simmie, isn't it fun trying stuff on and actually filling it out for once ?
  9. Day 7 I felt great, day 8 even better and have felt wonderful ever since. Got the all clear on day 7 to change sleeping position so I think that helped. I also have 4 children and hubby had to go back to work so I had no choice but to get up and get active. I'm now day 11 and heading back to work Tomoz, I've already had a little night out with the girls (work colleagues and boobies) which helped me feel more human. I do however think I've got some brain fog from the GA as I'm extremely forgetful and anyone who knows me knows I usually forget nothing so hoping that improves with time. Here's a little snap of me having fun posing with my new assets!! I just love shower time and seeing how much they change everyday ??
  10. Don't stress Effie, I had a bad reaction to the the GA too. They gave me heaps of anti nausea meds during my op so that held off any sickness for a few hours it once they wore off I vomited on and off for first 2 days then 3rd and 4th day had waves of nausea. I also woke up from the GA shaking so badly and couldn't stop, I was so dizzy and sleepy too. Once all that passed I've had a fantastic recovery and feel 90% normal. I'm currently 9 days post op and back to work Monday ??.. Virtually no pain, feeling good and love having boobs already even if they are high, square and ugly atm lol @HarperHen can't wait to see your results as this will be my plan when I've had enough of having boobies lol
  11. They look great, mine are sitting under my chin and have a lovely square appearance lol
  12. Omg this is exactly how I felt! I'm only a tiny build so didn't want to look stumpy and top heavy. The Sizers I tried on looked massive but I went with it anyway thinking if they are too big I can compress them down haha. Now I feel so deceived as the boobs I got are no where near as massive as the Sizers and I could of easily went bigger. I also look the same size post BA as I did in a padded bra pre BA ??. I'm still 100% happy and can now wear a killer backless dress and not worry about trying to fill in the font without a bra but I think they give s poor perception of the final outcome! My home made rice Sizers were more true to final outcome haha
  13. Hahahaha totally agree with that Are anyone else's boobs riding super high?
  14. That's great your getting back to your day to day life! What's the go with the shoes lol? I can't wait till I feel like that.
  15. @T how are you feeling now your 2 weeks post op? Do you feel back to your usual self energy and movement wise?
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