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    BA 450cc hp under the muscle.
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    Dr Jim Kenny 19/02/2024
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    173cm 64kg 12E

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  1. I'm a size 12 and got 450cc silicon rounds under the muscle. I was a 12D before BA and now a 12E. Very happy 3.5 years post BA.
  2. Hi, I'm 3 and a bit years post op and still no problems with my BA. Very happy still. ?
  3. Hi, Welcome back. So sorry for what happened to you. When I had my BA, my doctor gave me 2 cards (1 for each implant) explaining all the details for my breast implants. He told me to keep them in my purse for future reference. Its even for if your in an accident so the emergency teams can know about them. I even have a card for my Implanon in my arm. Good luck with your BA journey.
  4. Bondi Sands I really love. I use liquid gold everyday gradual tanner and liquid gold tanner. I just bought glo shimmer. Any experience with this or the other 2 glo products? (Matte and Gloss)
  5. Hi, I have 450cc HP round unders. I'm 173cm tall, 64kg after implants.
  6. It took me a year to feel like they we're mine. ?
  7. There are 2 ladies that could answer your questions. @donatella and @misstons.
  8. Hi, I have no information for you but wanted to say good luck with your BA journey. I'm sure there's someone on here who can help. ?
  9. I just wanted to say hi and welcome. I'm sure someone on here can help you. Good luck. ?
  10. Hi, I'm about 3 years post op and 173cm tall, 64kg, with I think 14cm bwd, I was a D cup deflated before BA. I have 450cc.hp, round, under the muscle implants. I now fit a 12E or 10F cup bra. Friend Request if you like. (FR)
  11. I got a fantastic one a year ago at Bras n Things. Go get fitted by them. They are awesome. I'd go with no padding. Good luck.
  12. I love my 450cc implants. Are these big implants?? Or are they small implants?? ? I don't care cause they are my boobies now. ? ? You can't change STUPID. Even if you rearrange the letters UTSPDI...it's still stupid!! ?
  13. Sorry your not happy with your result. Are you going to revise?
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