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  1. i have the $600 brass pole tbh i rarely use my pole, my room is too tiny and not enough space to do any floorwork So my fellow pole friend went back 4 months post op and started at intermediate 1, slowly making her way up a level a week. she said it is now comfortable to do every trick, she got BA under the muscle and is back to doing at least 6 pulls ups now (after 1 year) so I guess i will just have to be patient with myself! I tense my pec muscles and can see them move apart to the side. Im worried this is how theyll gradually become after some time of pole and i will not be impressed... makes them look extra fake
  2. Yay!!! thats good news. and i know what you mean, i tried doing inverts at home on my pole and i was able to do it but felt real weak! as for aerial inverts off the ground.... really not too sure how ill go but ill try that soon too. what level are you starting from 4 months po?
  3. Hi Guys, I've read a few forums already on these topics but I'm look for more specific answers. I'm 6 months post op (surgery on July 15th 2015 under the muscle @ TCI with dr lee 385cc). I was pole dancing for 2.5 years till surgery and plan to go back this term, I miss it so badly. I'm so nervous about hurting myself as pole requires so much upper body strength and chest in particular when doing inverts and hangs. I've gone back to gym for about 2 months now and use the assisted pull ups machine on the lightest weight I can (currently 40) with no pain so far or discomfort, pre op I was able to do 10 pull ups very easily on a normal bar. When doing push ups I can only go low midway as I start to feel a slight sharpness in my incision (I feel it in my left side only though, maybe becos my right side is stronger) Is there ANYONE who does pole and has gone back to be able to do pull ups/inverts again without too much pain? Please share your experience!! I've read many different forums where some surgeons say pull ups can never be done again and some that say its fine. I miss going to the gym and being able to show off and impress people with the pulls ups I can do hahah and will be devastated if I wont be able to again.. I've just messaged a girl who poles at my studio. She got her BA Oct 2014 in Thailand and is able to do chin ups and advanced level pole tricks (she performed in a competition in June 2015, I watched her and was amazed at how strong she was again). Yet to find out whether she got over/under and her experience on easing back into chin ups/pole. I will update the response here once she replies. I feel like this is such a long post so apologies but thanks for reading!
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