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  1. @lana777 being NZ based have you checked out dr Winston McEwan in Hamilton? he is very affordable and a lot of my friends have been to him and very happy with their outcomes. his website doesn't show anything but it might be worth a check. I think his consult fee is about 180
  2. yep totally check him out, he's a bit of an old school type. my friend is getting her boobs lifted and tummy tuck for 11k. he's also opening his own private hospital so I'm waiting on that to get my quote revised. good luck!
  3. @samnz whereabouts in NZ are you. Dr Winston McEwan in Hamilton is apparently excellent and charges about 8k for BA. He's very concerned about costs. I've had a quote from him...he's my first consideration. I am looking at the CI as well but I've read too many worrying stories so it's put me off. Dr Jale Lim in Sydney is apparently good too and cost pretty good as well. hope that helps.
  4. Ladies firstly what an awesome forum this is. Thanks to your posts and information I've decided to steer clear of TCI. Just too many issues raised. I do have a consult coming up with Dr Perkins in Miranda (was a local recommendation) as well as a second possible comparison consultation with Dr Jake Lim in Parramatta/Castle Hill. Anyone here had experience with either? thanks x
  5. Ladies this is terrible. Not at all what you've paid for. I'm so sorry this has happened.
  6. Elise you are looking amazing with your new boobs! you all are making me want to go to Thailand but I've got a little boy (I'm on my own) and I don't think his dad would have him so I could go to Phuket. Jealous!! Good luck to Sydney15!
  7. Hi Deanna, I'm in your exact same position except I've done nothing to the returned double chin except stare at it day in day out wanting to fix it. The area of fat I had removed is now just a sagging empty pocket and its gross. I also have hereditary chubby cheeks so these are turning into not so cute jowels. I'm currently exploring options for a mini neck lift and waiting for a consult on the 28 Jan and possibly with a another surgeon for price comparison. If I could give any advice, I'd get lipo with a lift as well to avoid that sag later on.
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