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  1. Do you get rippling? Just wondering because they are only 85% filled.
  2. Hi, I need revision surgery and I am contemplating switching to smooths as I have rippling n at the cleavage with my current set (allergan textured). Some say smooth is better for not rippling, others say textured is better so now I'm confused!
  3. @TheFox, are you saying that you wouldn't recommend the GFX's or the nagor brand in general? I noticed that nagor come in a smooth impleo as well so I might look at this as I heard smooths font ripple as much as textured.
  4. Are the impleos firm though? I have zero breast tissue and zero fat so really after a soft implant otherwise you can see the ridge at the top of the implant. Mare gtx's more prone to rippling because they are soft? Also do nagors have a high incidence of ACL? Thankyou
  5. Hi, can I ask why you are having revision surgery as I am looking at swapping to nagor implants (either gfx or impleo) for my revision surgery? Thankyou for your help.
  6. Hi, I need revision surgery as my breasts have failed to drop. They are now just over a year old. I also want to change the implant to a more softer, squishier, lower profile as I find my allergen natrelle high profiles too hard and fake. I have been given the choice of a lower profile allergan smooth implant or either nagor gfx or nagor impleo. can anyone help out with the softness of any of these. Thanks.
  7. Anyone need revision surgery with TCI? If so, were you happy in the end? Did you finally end up with your desired result? Thank you.
  8. I agree in going to a plastic surgeon. Don't be lured by the cheap price. I am 6 months post-op and I need revision surgery which is going to cost me $3000 extra!
  9. Hello, just wondering for those who have had both smooth and textured implants, are the textured ones a lot harder/firmer? Especially in those with little/no breast tissue?
  10. I totally stuffed up and I somehow replied to you under your post. please read. Thankyou. I really do hope that they atleast sag a bit more and then I won't feel so self conscious! I keep massaging them every night to encourage them to work their way down. Thank you. I really do hope they atleast sag a little so I don't feel so self concious of them. thank you for your reply. Yes I am going to organise a phone interview with my surgeon.
  11. I haven't noticed any softening yet but i have got fairly strong pec muscles as I lift my 16kg daughter up constantly everyday! No I can lie in certain positions and it's ok but straight on my belly/chest hurts. I gave rung them and they said that because I was so small chested beforehand that's it will take awhile for my muscles/tissues to stretch and look more softer. They told me that they will sag with time as well but I was told that by a friend that textured implants don't sag so I am a bit concerned again. I never really liked the look of any anatomicals and to be honest I didn't really want to pay the extra money for them either. I was also told that rounds look like teardrops when placed under the muscles and many surgeons couldn't tell the difference apart. I totally stuffed up and I somehow replied to you under your post. please read.
  12. That's good to know. Yes I am very thin (47kg, 165cm) and although I have breastfed three kids I had zero breast to begin with (and zero body fat!) The surgeon commented that I was one of the smallest breasted women he had worked on! 😬 I also went the absolute biggest I could go which doesn't help. It only really hurts when I lie on my belly on the bed for longer then a couple of minutes as the implants feel like two rocks! I only have rippling on my left breast (which was placed under the muscle) and it is only on the cleavage line. It is not visible at all. Yes i did have ZERO breast tissue to begin with. The surgeon commented that I was pretty much the smallest that he had worked on. 😬 The pain is only when I lie on my belly for too long as they feel like I am laying on rocks. The rippling is on the cleavage line of my left breast only. My right has no rippling. Thank you but I feel they look so bolt on which is the look that I didn't want. The pain is only when I lie on my belly for too long and it's because they are so hard still. The rippling is only on the cleavage line of my left breast and nowhere else which is really odd!
  13. Hi ladies, It's been 4 months since my surgery and I'm a bit concerned with the shape and feel of my breasts. My right breast (which was under the muscle) has dropped and my left breast hasn't (which was dual plane). They also feel and look so hard/firm still and I can't lay on my chest for longer than a few minutes without it hurting. Even my partner says that they look like two coconuts stuck on my chest. I can also feel rippling on the inside cleavage of my left breast. I was an 10aa and got allergen natrelle inspira textured rounds high profile 345cc. Will these ever drop and look and feel somewhat natural? I know that im only 4 months post op but I am starting to get really worried that they will stay like this forever because they are textured 😬 Please help!
  14. Yep, I have been massaging mine to help them drop. My left boob is still my sore bob and the most tight (I think it might still be a little swollen too). If I massage too hard my left boob swells right up again so I have to be gentle. My left was placed under the muscle and my right was dual plane technique. I wake up with my left boob aching every morning even now at 6 weeks! Mine are still like tight balls stuck on my chest at the moment. Apparently it's because my pec muscles were so tight and I went to the absolute biggest I could go. I am hoping with time that they will look good.
  15. I had my surgery 5 weeks now and they are still very hard "ball like" and high and they haven't dropped yet. I went the biggest implant size (345cc, high, rounds) that I could go and I had very little body fat and very strong pec muscles from netball and gym. Can anyone similar give me some insight on when I can expect a more soft, natural look and when they "dropped and fluffed"? Thankyou.
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