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  1. No all clinics have their own prices, though many are similar in order to be competitive. Laser Clinics Australia are a national chain of clinics that all have the same pricing.
  2. Dr Peter Callan in Geelong is a Plastic Surgeon and trainer for Allergan, and is an expert in Botox and Juvederm. He would be able to discuss your specific options for non-surgical improvement of your nose, after previous surgical change. Totally agree with Donatella re seeing an expert, but Plastic surgeon rather that cosmetic physician. Cosmetic physicians do not necessarily have any additional training or qualifications than a GP, although many do. There is a higher risk of adverse events for non-surgical fillers after nasal surgery due to scar tissue or anatomical changes, so seeing an expert in this area is very important to get the best results and maximum safety.
  3. In experienced hands, Juvederm Ultra can give very natural and fuller results. Usually Juvederm Ultra Plus is used for a fuller more pronounced look. I have been having Juvederm Ultra in my lips since it launched in 2007, usually once every 12 months or so. My lips are significantly bigger than before starting, but people rarely believe me when I tell them they are augmented as they look like natural full lips.
  4. Justinesc

    Botox by GP?

    All doctor and nurses who offer injectable treatments like botox and dermal fillers are required to be trained by the company whose products they are going to use. They should have attended a specific training to cover the basics of using that product, techniques and specific facial anatomy. Having said that, that alone doesn't make them a good injector necessarily. There are many GPs who have treated many patients and have vast experience, and plenty who do not. You can get a perfectly good treatment of basic upper face Botox from a GP. I personally like to get a more tailored and personalised treatment from a doctor with extensive experience, who is a specialist in this area in order to get the best possible result, and treatment plan including more advanced treatments to further improve my face in a harmonious way.
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