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    485cc left, 465 right, Breast lift & implants with Dr Doyle 18/02/2016 ❤️
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    Dr Doyle 18/02/2016
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    162cm 85kg sad n saggy B cup
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    My gorgeous kids & hubby.. Power walking, yoga, bbqs & the beach.

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  1. I've got carts filled on there and The Iconic atm.. I'm between sizes too which makes it a bit harder. I think they both have ok refund policy's though.. It's the end of summer so I'm thinking I should be getting cooler clothes but that's not much fun when wanting to show off the new girls.
  2. Hi girls, hope everyone is doing well in their pre & post surgery. This isn't totally breast related, I was wondering if anyone can tell me some good online shopping sites.. I need casual everyday clothes around size 14.. Shorts, dresses, cami's ect. I love Lorna Jane but they're always low on stock.. I live in the country so theirs stuff all clothing shops around. Cheers xxx
  3. I'm an idiot.. It's under the glue.. I was freaked out this morning and thought I was going to pull or prod something I shouldn't and I'd wreck myself.. I'm all sorted. Crisis averted!..
  4. Hi girls, this is probably a silly question, being the weekend though I can't call my surgeon and ask.. I waited u til this morning to have a shower but I didn't know if I should wash the dry blood from around the nipple which was glued not stitched.. Do I thoroughly clean my breast or just let the water wash over? I've had a lift and implants and the tape underneath doesn't get changed until I see the nurse on day 7.. I'm thinking I should wash everything but I wanted to check with you guys first. x
  5. Hi Lovelies,It's DAY 1 post op for me after having a B.A & B.L with Dr Doyle yesterday. I had 485right and 465 left side.. I had to be at John Flynn hospital at 9am NSW time and by the time I was admitted ect I got wheeled into theatre around 11am. I remember laughing with the staff one minute and then woke up in recovery maybe 3 or 4 hrs later.. They then put me in a room upstairs to sleep a bit longer and probably because I was snoring so loud (yes, the nurse said I'd been snoring, lol) if it was how I am at home, Hahahaha how embarrassing., The anaesthetist was heavy handed with the drugs apparently, lol. I was feeling really emotional the first couple of times I woke up, I remember feeling like that once before after having anaesthetic. Like a deep depression, It's a horrible feeling but doesn't last. Anyway my hubby and daughter picked me up around 5 or 6 I think. The 40 min drive home wasn't too bad. I wish I'd asked them to bring pillows. Sleeping upright last night was a bit broken but I kept up with the Panadiene Forte and I was comfortable enough. I Could of done with more pillows but my pillows, linen and new Bendon Pj's and dressing gowns are late.. I was hoping they'd arrive Thursday but looks like Monday which is a buma.. Today I had to go to a Dr's appointment 30 mins away that I couldn't get out of, that really was not good. I've been sore since then. Going over bumps felt like my heart or something was bouncing around and a couple of times I've had a bubble type feeling on the bottom side of my left breast.. I just had another forte and I've also got to have antibiotics every 6hrs.. Anyways, that's my story so far.. Just thought it might help others who are similar to myself.. I'll post some pics when I have my shower tomorrow. I'm going to be blown away at having great boobs., I can't believe I've done it. Take care girls, xxx

  6. I had my B.A & B.L yesterday (18/2/16) I'm a bit tender today.. I haven't even seen them yet actually! Lol. I'm a bit scared to look..The nurse said I could shower today but I might leave it until tomorrow morning I think. I'm not in terrible pain but I'm really limited in what I can do, even turning on a tap is pretty full on!. How was your surgery Hun? I hope everything has gone really well for you. xx Things we do in the name of great breasts hey!
  7. :D One more sleep to go! Bring it on! B.A & B.L. here I come!

  8. I think it's a little over whelming trying the sizers on at the PS office.. It's so fast and theirs a lot to take in. I think the sizing is hard.. I'm shocking at decisions.. Unless I've had 10 beers before hand.
  9. Mumstheword, I know I'll definitely get boob envy so I'm trying to allow for that now in my sizing.. I would be really annoyed with myself more I think if I went too small rather than too big...
  10. Hi Nooby, I'm a B cup atm and going under the muscle, sorry.. So much for my little brain to remember.. I do want big, I'm just wondering how my brain will react to finally having nice big boobs! Lol. I had my first child at 17 then waited 7 or so years until having 2 more and breast fed all 3 so as soon as I started to get boobs they sagged really.. ..I'm ALMOST 40.. Not quite (Nov) lol and my mum and cousin haven't been supportive at all so I'm a bit freaked about having these huge boobs next time they see me! Haha.. I only mentioned that I think I was going ahead with the surgery once and haven't said it again since. So it's only my hubby, kids and sister who know.. I tried on the sizers but it was all so quick. They need to give you some to take home to play with.. I like the chicken fillet things better though. Those things were fab!
  11. Hey girls, I'm a little worried about the size of the implants I'm getting.. I'm having a B.A & B.L. He's putting in 485 left & 445 right due to asymmetry.. I have heaps of weight on atm but am loosing it and am not usually this big.. 85kgs about 5 1/2 ft? And my chest was 13 1/2.. I'm shocking at my stats sorry.. Has anyone had similar and do you think that I'm going to be huge? Lol. The doctor suggested that size after I told him I wanted a big D cup. Ive got boob greed now instead of post surgery I think.. X sorry.. Unders and I'm currently a B cup..
  12. 7 DAYS TO GO UNTIL B.L & B.A. 480cc left 445cc right with Dr Doyle.. Very Excited!  :p

    ... It's even got me motivated to clean the house too which is a bonus! Lol. 

  13. :D I just got home from my consult with Dr Doyle and all booked for the 18th Feb for a B.L & B.A. WooHoo!! 

  14. Thanks Girls, I'll scrap the tights/leggings then.. I'll buy some shorts and a pair of skinny leg trackies incase it's cold I think.. I don't own one button up shirt.. I'll jump online and check out Bonds & Cotton On. Everything is coming together really fast now and house is so unorganised I don't know where to start and it's getting me stressed.. Nothing that a bit of online retail shopping won't fix I guess.😉
  15. I didn't even think of button up/zip tops, I'm an idiot.. I guess some easy slip on shoes too.. Time to go shopping I think. It's a hard life sometimes, lol.. I bought new sheets today for my bed though. I don't want to come home from surgery to a dirty bedroom, it will make me feel worse I think.. I'll need some nice PJ's now to go with my new sheets and boobs now of course!.
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