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  1. hey truth thank you ! !!! i did feel the canula but it was so painless i was really numb and he does it so quickly ! the main thing they say is the worst part is when they put the local fluids inside but honestly that wasn't even bad ! the canula u will feel it but NO PAIN!! that part goes so quickly ! suck it out then finish.. its hard to explain but i was freaking myself out so much i regret not getting my stomach done now l! lol they also gave me paracetamol 500mg for pain but i have not been taking it ! its not a bad pain though ! i really thought ill be in some crazy pain but not
  2. dr daniel lanzer ! he works in melb and sydney i just had lipo on my hips with him the other day in melb ! he's very professional and knows what hes doing so many people go to see him its crazy! hes a real busy person but gets the job done ! good luck x
  3. hey im feeling way better today! last night was bad! but it was from the the actual pain meds that made me feel ill!! but seriously i can walk around be all normal and stuff ! getting my boobs done was a way worst recovery this is easy as ! but ill see how i sleep tonight ! x:) and thank you for asking xx
  4. thankyou! how exciting for you! let me know how your process all goes ! i also didnt get that much fat removed because it was just a small problem area it was like a quarter ammount no where near 1 litres way low or anything x ill ask next time i visit to find out exactly
  5. no idea i got it done today hopefully its good lol its all wrapped up sort of feel dizzy rite now ! i think from the pain meds are you going to go general?
  6. just wanted to update anyone who wants to get tumescent Lipo under local I had it done today with Dr Daniel lanzer and honestly I was just mentally freaking myself out! for nothing!! he is actually 100% really good I mean you feel a Lil strange but it's not like a crazy pain! You get use to it!! I never leave reviews but since I'm bored right now just wanted to let others know don't freak yourself out! him and his nurses/staff were just great 10/10 amazing I highly recommend him! now time to relax x
  7. yeah 450 its not even a big difference ! they wont look fake !!!!! if u allready have that gut feeling that u want 450 go with your gut ! they will be bigger but not fake!! n plus u have heaps of tissue so its good but each to their own! ull def be like a over dd or e
  8. i can relate to you i had helicobacter pylori different thing but they made me take heaps of antibiotics and ever since that my gut has never been the same! probiotics doesnt even help me! but i still took the antibiotics when i had my implants because i just didnt want to risk it
  9. i know im really freaking out! lol google is not helping ! thanks x
  10. your wayyyyy early!! dont stress about it ! takes time to drop and fluff everyone is different take pics of yourself then in another months time you will notice a lil difference each time least wait 5 months its only been 4 weeks x
  11. ive had both under muscle and over muscle but im so glad they are over the muscle now! under was so uncomfortable for me i dont know if it was just me ! also i didnt have much tissue but ive got thick skin lol so its ok ! and dont be scared going up more ccs ! and please do your research on who you go with! dont ever just go with 1 person! i really learnt the hard way paid over 13k from a botched job then again another 15k! look at reviews ! and advice if u see a surgeon with no reviews it means they are not really popular.... good luck! x
  12. hi castellano92 did you end up going with dr lanzer ? im thinking to go with him. or anyone who has had lipo done? can somone please tell me the difference between tumescent liposuction and Vaser? under local? thanks
  13. if the first plastic surgeon didnt leave scars below my chest it would of been worth it:(
  14. im booked in to get tumescent liposuction done on my outter hiips! under LOCAL!!!!! im scared if ill feel pain! and jump off the bed ! does it really hurt? thankyou!
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