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  1. Adelaide girls- can anyone give me some recommendations on the best places to go for lip fillers and your preferred products? I haven't had them done before and getting a bit overwhelmed with my research! Thanks!
  2. Haha !! I'm sure you're going to look perfect with 520's! ☺️
  3. That's so exciting L, yay!! I'm super happy with my results by dr kollias but I actually can't believe how real boob greed is! I was so so scared about going to big and I'm a 10d now and wishing I went bigger, never ever thought I'd want that!! ??
  4. Highly recommend dr kollias, he's amazing! And he's all for the natural look i made a few enquirers too and I personally found dr kollias the best! Good luck!
  5. Thanks girls! Yeah I have plenty of crops I can wear again when I'm allowed to stop wearing the post op bra and will definitely get a new proper sports bra, I'm just confused as to what to wear to gym in the meantime until I reach the 3 month mark where I can wear normal bras/crops again!!
  6. Hi girls! So I had my BA 5 weeks ago, my ps wants me wearing my post op bra for 3 months. I hit the 6 week mark next week when I can start training in the gym again but not sure whether I should be wearing the post op bra while training or whether I should get a sports bra or crop of some sort to wear while training until I can begin wearing my old sports crops again.. I haven't heard back from my surgeon yet and getting impatient, does anyone have any advice on what you've done/worn at this point?! Thanks heaps!
  7. Hi Melissa! OMG I am basically in the same boat but you sound a little worse off than me! I had my follow up appointment last week and all was good but this week I have got really sensitive and a little bit painful in some areas which I can feel even more when I press on it! Assuming it's all part of the healing process, I'm 3 weeks post op on sat!
  8. I agree with @Shud6646 I've heard too many horror stories from tci, from people I know as well and have only heard good things about the breast institute also from people I know!
  9. Thank you! That's a good idea too! I had subfascial implants too so I guess it doesn't matter quite as much about engaging pec muscles hahaha yes my boyfriend has done a good job so far, the poor thing ? but I'm that sore I was dying for a proper massage! I ended up speaking to a nurse and then went for the massage and sat in a chair, was so good!
  10. I think one size will be completely different on everyone and I'm sure your surgeon knows best! I have very similar stats, 160cm, 49kg and gym junkie- lift a lot of heavy weights, have done bikini comp etc so have some muscle! I am just over a week post op I had 335cc subfascial implants and my surgeon said I'll be around a c-d cup good luck!
  11. Does anyone know if it's safe to use a foam roller on my back after 1 week post op? Or to get a massage seated or lying face up? The pain from sleeping on my back is killing me!
  12. Yes! I've been sleeping with pillows under my knees since my op! Definitely helps a little at least!
  13. I'm day 4 post op, I'd suggest getting a wedge pillow if you can! I only have a boomerang pillow which is helpful but my butt and back are killing me! I was more comfortable in my hospital bed! I would also suggest some anti nausea medication for when you go home as the pain killers have made me feel a bit sick! And keep on top of pain meds too! Other than that I just mad sure I had heaps of Netflix, books, magazines etc to keep me occupied Good luck!
  14. Good idea lia, always good to see a couple of surgeons if you're a bit unsure! Hehe thank you so much, i'm super happy with them! ?
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