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    Dr Tavakoli 3-2-16
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  1. Hey Em, i I also have an over active job, I actually took 4 weeks off to be safe. With things like massaging, I feel you would be in the same boat.
  2. I got the dual plane honestly just focus on taking care of yourself, your body will tell you exactly want it needs. Water is your friend stay away from sugary drinks!
  3. Honestly I was walking around the very next day. Had to rest a lot more and have Nanna naps but for me it wasn't as impacting as I had let myself imagine.
  4. How is everyone recovering? i am almost back to normal! It's been a crazy journey but one I am so happy I made!
  5. How is everyone recovering? i am almost back to normal! It's been a crazy journey but one I am so happy I made!
  6. I was 5 days after my surgery. Was just obviously a bit more gentle than usual. Didn't really have any issues
  7. This sounds perfect! Good choice
  8. I got some light weight tape from the Chemist and just taped over my nipples. Helped heaps with that weird sensation!
  9. Hey Brown, i'm a Dr T girl and honestly cannot fault him. When I met him I had a million questioned lined up and even longer list of concerns and he was able to answer every single question and elevate all concerns I had. His work is amazing and at 4 weeks I love my results. I had rounds so altogether cost me just under $10'000. But anatomical implants are an extra $1000. I knew new he would be pricey but this is one thing I didn't want to skimp on.
  10. its crazy to think it's almost been a month! I've had such an amazing recovery I just don't want anything to go wrong. How has your recovery been?
  11. I'll post so pics for reference haha so two top ones will be from one week and the bottom ones are today. I really hate they don't go any further they are looking good 😫
  12. Just wondering if the girls from 2.5 weeks onwards, has anyone else dropped yet? Mine have and just wondering if it's normal (I'll be 4weeks Thursday)
  13. Slatts


    Like Sam said if it's straight forward they should be able to fit you in. my consult was the 19/01 and surgery was 4/2. And booked it all in January. When you talk to Jen next give her got available dates and she usually works her magic to help in any way!
  14. Just to back all the other girls up, it is all normal. The he pain in the morning would be morning boob. I got it for about two weeks. Woke up screaming in pain early on it was so bad but it it does get better! I promise you that. If if you're feeling up for it all you have some one looking after you, ask them to go to the chemist and get some coloxyl. That will help with the bloating.
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