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    BL BA TT
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    Feb 16th 2016
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    152cm 52kg 10c/d 340cc +300cc to correct

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  1. Yes, i know but it's time and cost effective. I have wonderful support between my mum and hubby with our three kids. Fingers cross
  2. After two consults, decided on 340cc and 300cc for asymmetry and am now 3 days post op. Pain is reasonable except the tt is the hardest of the ops. Today my hubby happens to mention that I could have gone a bit bigger. I am 5 foot, 52kg, and was a 10b/10c pre op. I wanted to get to a full d or small dd, is that likely to happen?
  3. Rachael1981 I have friended, hope that is ok I am 3 days post op and curious to see where I end up. I had asymmetry 340/300 and similar size to you.
  4. Hi ladies, I have just started my journey on ba/bl. I have had one consult and am keen to go ahead, however have been told to get photo of what I like, but not sure where to start. I have had three babies (breastfed) and definitely need a lift, I know I would like a round high profile but that's about where I'm at. What else do I need to research?
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