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  1. Where are all the APRIL 2016 ladies ✌?️ finally booked for my new bobbies ?? I'm going with dr Tang tci (has since been changed to dr Kwok)?? need help on sizes!!! I'm currently a 10a 52kg 168cm .......thinking of 350-365cc hp ?
  2. they don't do the surgery at the actual clinic you are right they do it at concord private hospital
  3. Hey all I am ready to book my ba with TCI but wanting advice on what clinic would be better for me I heard that Dr Tang is at the Bondi clinic and that's who I was leaning towards but I have not heard a lot on the Bondi clinic your information will be much appreciated ??? x
  4. Hey just wanting feedback on how long you waited to have a breast augmentation after breastfeeding. I have had alot of mixed answers from different surgeons. Some say 3months some 3-6 some 8-10 .. I am looking at surgery in April and it will be 5months since i gave up feeding . ???
  5. Hey! Im in Tauranga. Oh really I haven't heard of any of them! Will check them out tomorrow! thanks heaps! im wanting them done in April so need to get the ball rolling! x appreciate your info x
  6. Hey I'm from newzealand and new to this site I am looking at getting breast augmentation surgery at tci . who has had it done there and what was the outcome? Also who was your surgeon i want to make sure i find the right one as i wont be able to meet him before i come (appart from my consult the day before surgery) Thanks heaps i really appreciate all info i get xx
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