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    Breast augmentation. planning on going from a 12B to a full D-DD
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    Dr Theo Birch of The Breast Institute - Surgery date 28th April 2016
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  1. I'm also playing the waiting game and it....... SUCKS hahahaha 23 more days!!!!!!
  2. The Journey Continues... So I'm less than 6 weeks away from my breast augmentation and now that its all booked in and the date confirmed I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and I'm not sure why, Its not like I'm out of the woods yet, I'm merely in the car on the way there. Has anyone else felt like this? I have been searching through different websites and reading a bunch of reviews on how to prep for surgery. I have spoken to family and friends that have had this procedure to get there opinions on the matter and they have one way or another said, "is there really a right way to prep, well, no" Although there are many guidelines/tips and tricks that are good to follow, it all comes down to the individual. For instance, is this their first or third BA, have they had children, does your family have history of breast cancer????? Collating best practices, pros/cons, do's and don'ts, must have necessities and things to forget about is mind boggling. I've come up with my own plan of attack to hit this head on and to be in the best shape, not only in body but in mind and spirit. Game Plan ~ Diet & Exercise ~ Skincare ~Support & Motivation In my up coming post I will go into detail about all the things listed in my game plan. I am determined to get through this with a clear head and get to my goal of a beach babe body. THIS IS MY JOURNEY THAT I AM SHARING WITH YOU. WE ARE ALL INDIVIDUALS SO WHAT WORKS FOR ONE, MAY NOT NECESSARILY WORK FOR ANOTHER. FOR ANY MEDICAL ADVISE OR ASSISTANCE, PLEASE SPEAK TO A CERTIFIED DOCTOR.
  3. Hi @Boobs4louise I've read so many different things about who does the actual surgeries @ TBI and to confirm this I have checked with the team of TBI and they have said the below. "Dr Birch is our practising surgeon. Dr Richardson and Dr Broadhurst are directors of The Breast Institute" Hope this clears it up for you and lot of others too. It can get a bit confusing so I went straight to the horses mouth
  4. @New boobies OMG me too!!! I can be soooooo impatient. oh well, I guess good things come to those who wait
  5. @New_boobies I just checked out your profile, I see that Dr Miroshnik is your surgeon. That's fantastic. I've heard nothing but such great reviews on him. I think its safe to say you'll be in safe hands Dr Miroshnik was my first pick but because I'm such a home body I chose to have my surgery close to home in Brisbane. Best wishes for the 15th!!!
  6. Fantastic news to hear @Shud6646 As you mentioned in your previous post about feeling sick after having anaesthesia in the past, I was quiet surprised to see a response on you surgery so quick!!! Good to know your doing well, keep them bad boys strapped in and cant wait to here about your recovery process during the days to come. CONGRATULATIONS @Shud6646 I will be stocking my fridge with coconut water I think hahaha I'm not usually a fan but anything to get through the nausea.
  7. @georgiejellybean your the 2nd person on the same day. who's your surgeon?
  8. My Journey..... Hey guys, my name is Sam, I'm 27 years old, have no children and live a pretty dull life. stats: 173cm, 65kg, 12B, non smoker, low activity level and very rarely do I drink. I had my first ever BA consultation on Monday 29th Feb 2016 with Dr Theo Birch of The Breast Institute. I was greeted by name as is I entered. I was asked politely by the lovely receptionist to complete paperwork and was given a take home folder which included an information booklet that outlines everything about the procedure, a brochure on the (Montserrat) Gaythorne Day Hospital where the surgery would take place, an estimated quote and aftercare instructions. It was time, the consultation. I entered the rather large office of Dr birch. I was welcomed in and asked to take a seat. we discussed a few things, what look was I going for, some medical questions, the risks involved etc. the whole time I felt safe, not nervous at all which was quite a shock to me as any minute now I would be taking off my top for a complete stranger to have my boobs exposed/analysed/touched with absolutely no alcohol involved This is where the fun begins... There was a change room, a cornered off area of the office with a curtain and mirror. I was asked to remove my top. I followed the docs orders and came out wearing a brave face. After a few measurements were taken and a move of the boobs here and there I then had my "before" pics taken. Once the pics were taken (front on, diagonals, and side on) I was asked to put on a surgical sports bra (very sexy hahaha) I tried on quiet a few sized implants, first they were chicken fillet looking things and then as I went up to the larger sizes they were the actual implants. these babies were starting to get heavy. I asked the doc if this was how much they actually weighed once inside me and he said yes. That shocked me!!! After trying/re-trying sizes I put my top back on and sat down for an evaluation with the doc. implant stats: 420cc, round, textured, high profile, silicon Nagor implant. Inframammary incision (under the breast). My BWM was 12.5 What I'm looking for out of my experience is to go from a small B cup to a full D to DD. I don't want the obvious "step" at the top of my chest just a gradual (natural if you will) slope and I want side boob. I don't think I'm asking for much? doc said that's very achievable but the larger I go the more chance of getting the "step" and rippling at the sides. As I'm quite a "curvy" girl (sort of broad in the shoulders, have hips and thighs) I want my boobs to even me out. I'm naturally a shy person so during my day to day work life I'll be covered up but in the summer I LOVE being at the beach soaking up the rays. I imagine running down the beach like I'm on an episode of Bay Watch haha A girl can dream pic 1, obvious step. pic 2, gradual/ natural slope. After the consultation I went back to the reception area (by the way its, bright, welcoming, comfortable and nothing like a waiting room at the local doctors) paid for the consultation and then I was asked if there was anything else they could help with, any questions and if I had thought about possible surgery dates. I was VERY keen to have surgery ASAP and the lovely receptionist wrote down a few dates that Dr Birch would be available and then I was on my way. A few days went passed after over thinking about it, talking/negotiating with my husband, double checking when I could have time off work and after emailing the ladies at The Breast Institute (like 100 times) to triple-double check everything I finally booked in my surgery for Thursday 28th of April 2016. I'm SUPER excited, my husband still doesn't understand why and now I'm trying to get time off work as "sick/personal" leave. now the waiting game begins. To be continued..... THIS PROCESS WAS REALLY THIS SIMPLE, I DIDNT FEEL PRESSURED INTO A PARTICULAR SIZE/TYPE OF IMPLANT, I DIDNT FEEL RUSHED TO BOOK A SURGERY DATE, I FELT COMFORTABLE IN THE PRACTICE AND WITH ALL STAFF OF THE BREAST INSTITUTE, I UNDERSTOOD THAT THIS IS A SURGERY, THERE ARE RISKS INVOLVED AND THINGS DONT ALWAYS GO TO PLAN. THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE IM SHARING AND MY OWN OPINIONS ON THIS PLASTIC SURGERY COMPANY AND DOCTOR.
  9. @Shud6646 I believe some wise person said "preparation is key" it seems like you covered on that. good luck for tomorrow and well wishes coming your way bye bye from the ittybittytittycommittee
  10. Hey @Shud6646, not long now. I'm sure your super excited. any last minute tips?
  11. they don't muck around, in and out hahahahaha
  12. I just emailed the guys @ the breast institute and they let me know. I was wanting a morning surgery too
  13. I'm booked in with with the lovely doc on the same day 😊 I believe my surgery time is 830am? I'm so happy that I've finally booked!!!
  14. thanks for sharing and keeping it real @Teevee
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