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  1. Hahah woops - I mean they didn't pay anything! Very big difference there.
  2. I have high cover and it didn't cost anything.
  3. Definitely go for the surgeon near you. I have a bit of anxiety and it was such a relief being able to pop in to see my surgeon (Dr Jane Paterson at Epworth) when I felt the need. I would've been stressed knowing my surgeon was in another state. Also, Dr Ashton has a great rep.
  4. Heya. I do crossfit (so by definition, lift a little!), and I took four months off weights to let myself heal. Everything was totally fine when I went back, just general loss of fitness, but almost everything felt normal. The only two things that felt weird for a bit were pushups/burpees and hanging knee raises. All lifting was fine, actually. Mine are fully under the muscle and they don't look weird because of strong chest muscles. They took a little longer to drop, but my PS said this will benefit me in the future.
  5. Where do you live? You'll want a surgeon who's close to you, just in case (and also for visits later on down the line).
  6. I went with Dr Jane Paterson at Epworth and I loved her.
  7. After having tuberous breasts for 29 years I can't believe these are mine. Best decision ever.
  8. I should probably do this! 2.5 weeks PO and 7 months PO.
  9. Hi @MILF$ - I'm now I think 7 months PO and it happens sometimes but not all the time. You kind of get used to it! And as your chest muscles relax it just gets less tense. I think it has to do with how tight your muscles are before surgery or something.
  10. I'm 7 months PO and they honestly jiggle like real boobs. It's awesome.
  11. I'd just chill and take it easy, to be honest. I took four months off crossfit (I got unders), and I was surprised that when I got back to it everything felt pretty normal. Burpees and knee raises still feel a little funny.
  12. I'm five months PO and one is perfectly dropped but the other is a little slower. Just being patient and loving what I've gotten ?
  13. I'm four months PO and 8kg above my normal weight. I'm about to get my implamon removed which might shed some of the kilos. I'm interested to know if my boobs will look different if I lose weight. I assume it might just make them look a little more defined? For better or worse. I also stopped doing crossfit when I got my BA, which may affect my weight. I think that pull ups and push ups are going to feel really weird but everything else should be fine.
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