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  1. It's been 11 months for me and my breasts get sore like I'm pre menstral or pregnant both of which I am not. My nipples are super sensitive and sometimes uncomfortable....
  2. Thank you for sharing, my deepest sympathy to you and your family x
  3. I had smooth, very natural and I do have to wear a very supportive bra when I run because they are super bouncy but that's what I wanted
  4. Hi girls I am 3 months post op, from Perth and chose Dr Chan, after 2 years research and several acquaintances that had also used his services for BA I know he a dearer surgeon I did pay 14k but I have no regrets as yet, his staff are very informative and had given me SJOG, Mounts Bay and south Perth Hospital as options (s Perth being the cheapest) he offers you day surgery or you can stay over night if you decide to on the day if your recovery is not so great... I had day surgery went home with drains in (standard for him) the next day go to his rooms and have drains removed and surgical compression bra fitted ( nice Berlie sports bra) I had unders 325cc round smooth, I was extremely concerned with my droopy post op partially tuberous breasts, nipples pointing down and I thought they looked hideous, he assured me I didn't need a lift and that the high profile round implants would give me the natural and raised nipple I was after.......3 months later I must say I'm rather pleased , although I wish I'd gone a lil bigger but my hubby says any bigger and they would look fake and I didn't want that look. Dr Chan had told me to wait at least 2 months to see my final results and size, I must say he had told me to go bigger from 260 cc as I had decided on that before my final appointment sooo glad I went bigger now I know my breasts don't look as perky and don't sit as high as some of the other ladies on this forum but they do look very natural and already feel a part of me nice, soft and squishy . I massage them daily every time I go to the loo which since having babies is very frequent lol and in the shower twice a day too, I certainly think that as helped soften them up so quick.
  5. My hubby is awesome too, he has always been really supportive prior to surgery he would say I love your boobies how ever they look, now I've had surgery he says I think they are friggen great but I loved them before too. His such a sweetheart. He calls this forum boobie porn think its great to have an outlet especially in the early days when he kept reassuring me they would look fine and I was madly obsessing with how they looked. Lol
  6. She is so lucky to have you one day .....I can say I had the blues too initially but not to that extent, thanks for sharing. I hope your friend gets through this tough time. X
  7. Been laying low hope all ladies post op are recovering well and those about to have surgeries Yay!,,, have a couple more weeks to go and I can start wearing u/wire yay! Had my birthday last week not so yay a year older 37 yrs however I have my 20 year old boobs back so I'm happy the twins are nice and squishy, soft and feel very much a part of me now still lots of side boob which I like and I don't think they are going to change much more all the dropping and fluffing done and size has not really changed....I could be wrong maybe there are more changes to come ...... Weirdest thing is when I run I've noticed in my head I hear a swishing noise lol I didn't wear a very supportive bra on my last run and it was gross swish swish swish is the noise I describe that I felt my boobs made lol.... I did get some BNT vouchers for my bday so I splurged and got some lovely analise bras and some ultra supportive running bras ill post pics soon. I also got measured as 10dd in the Bnt range 12d s are a lil big in the back but good cup size so they recommended 10dd ....mind you the strapless bras are so hard to find 10dd too small in them cups, 12d are also tight .. so I'm yet to find a good strapless if anyone has any recommendations ...
  8. No you don't need it removed, I have one and had a successful surgery with it
  9. I had ends snipped after week one at my follow up appointment at surgeons rooms by the nurse ,then I was told they are not fully dissolved until week 10. Maybe ring your surgeon see if you can pop in and have him trim them....
  10. I have a friend that had her boobs done by a different surgeon to me last year , I had told her years ago that as soon as I could afford it I was doing it ...she had always said aw your boobs fine .you don't need it .......not really encouraged me ....so I was very surprised and a tad jealous when she went and got hers done before me ...although I was very supportive and excited for her and told her how awesome she looked, when i announced earlier this year i was finally able to afford she kept telling me not get more than 220cc because id look too top heavy .... she told me she had 250cc then when i told her i think i was going for 295cc or 325cc she said oh gosh i got 300cc so youd be mad to go bigger than me!!! i was like wtf ....now that I have gone and got mine done and decided on the 325cc (which i told her reluctantly ) all she has said is oh you can't really tell ....I felt very upset she is obviously very jealous .... Why are some woman so nasty ! Needless to say I rarely speak to her or see her and when I do I feel self conscious about my new boobs
  11. I was also happy with Dr Chan as where a number of my friends I kinda watched their progress and results over 2 years then my mind was made up
  12. High profile with side boob here too
  13. I too felt the same initially I didn't like my boobs 2 days after surgery I thought they looked hideous then I got the boobie blues and boobie greed ,by day 4 I was happy then sad again by day 6 my hubby kept telling me they where great and huge but I couldn't see it and in 2 months on and have experienced happy and sad days ....I have days when I think they look great and by thAt evening ill wish they where bigger. I think as all the ladies have said we all go through the roller coaster ride but I must admit Jen Jen's right every time I look at my before pics it cheers me up. X
  14. Mine ached like my milk was coming in for up to 1 week and a bit the felt engorged stiff like....and I got sharp shooting pains too, I was allowed to massage though which really helped , hot showers also helped, up to about the 5 week mark after a day at work they felt achey...it will get better mine are all soft and squishy now,hang in there Hun .
  15. Exactly what everyone else had said no one has noticed those I had told say they look natural and those I haven't have not said anything ....with clothes on they look the same as before with a padded push up bra ( I told my surgeon that's what I wanted to look like so that's what I got) they do look very natural and I think you will find you won't have any issues concealing them. As for bras 24/7 for me for first 2 weeks compression bra then only at night compression bra, then after 3 week bra less at night and wire free for 3 months. ....
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