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  1. Sorry so long to reply.. My surgeon was Dr Ali in Brisbane.. He's had mixed reviews but honestly, the man is a magician! My care and my results have been first class. I'm so happy! I'm so proud of my new look and spend a fair amount of time looking at them 😜
  2. I felt the same.. Went from slim figure to a fetility symbol!! 5 weeks Po and still feeling I've picked up a couple of kg and a pot belly 😐 Started going to gym (legs and light cardio for now) so will see how that goes. Glad it seems to be a "thing" and I'm not the only one.
  3. Everybody you all look great! I had overs also 420hp.. Was borderline lift. LOVING my result and very happy. I also noticed my tummy still not as flat as it was 😐 and seem to have picked up a kg or 2 in weight (yes I know boobs weigh some, but not 2 kg!!) Will try to post a couple of pics (sorry to hijack your post chrissy) Before/after pic was day 6, bottom pic was 4 weeks. Lefty is a tiny bit bigger but really only noticeable in photos. Hoping they stay just like this, but I'm a realist 😊
  4. You're still pre-op yeah? Apparently it's pretty common, or the alternative is no sensation 😐 A few girls are 10 mths po and still sensitive. This morning so far they're not so bad, maybe it comes and goes? So many changes to get used to! But.... BOOBIES 😀😀
  5. Ok. I haven't started massaging yet, post op appointment is Thursday when I think I learn all about that. Thought I'd try what I tried during pregnancy, like light pinching,rolling them, sunning them for brief periods, and the paw paw ointment. But I'll wait til I talk to surgeon. Glad to hear you can still enjoy them, it is usually a fairly important aspect of my love life lol.
  6. Oh ok. I was almost thinking I might need to break out the pawpaw cream (which probably isn't a bad idea..) I'll try the tapping trick in a week or so as healing gets underway. 10 Mths? Uh oh, I'm nervous-why have these babies if I can't enjoy them? 😔
  7. So I'm 9 days post op and my nipples feel like I've been breastfeeding a teething bub! They are so tender. Im grateful I have sensation, but ouch! On the whole, the sensation of my BA has been very similar to my breastfeeding experiences, in that they've felt engorged and tender. Just wondering if anyone else had the tender/tingly nipple feeling?
  8. Hi, feeling pretty good on day 5, pain has been minimal and recovery has been fine,but I've been nervous about the appearance, thinking they were huge and "out there"...today is a good day, and I'm ready to share pic. (Shared in April BA girls thread also).. So...
  9. Hi there.. Had a problem uploading pics to gallery so am going to try here. First pic is today, day 5 other pics are day one. Feeling a lot better about them today, less "out there" and starting to settle down. Today's a good day 😊 Pain is minimal, a little around insiscion site and some bruising is tender under bra band. They're getting a bit of movement too.
  10. Going pretty good.. Swollen and huge but pain is very bearable-no strong pain meds so far. Was a bit emotional yesterday afternoon but not too bad. Slept a lot better last night. Really don't like feeling like an invalid and it's hard for me to not do everything as normal..I'm liking the look of them, and the lift, but its hard to get used to them under my arms when arms are by my sides, and I've bumped into things a few times as I'm not used to the size haha! All in all pretty good, can't wait for them to settle and to start trying clothes on. I am a bit bloated 😐 Don't like that much but it's apparently normal. Thanks for asking 😊
  11. Ok it's the morning after. Surgery was straight forward and recovery so far has been easy. I'm just feeling like engorged breastfeeding boob-ish.. Not really any pain-definitely not pain killer worthy. Didn't sleep great, as I'm usually a half-tummy-pillow-hugger, but managed to get some sleep... Boobs are looking massive (I got overs hp420cc) but LOVING the cleavage! Got them iced up, can't see the insiscions as they're under humungo-boobs.. All in all it was a fantastic experience and I'm stoked, just need to get used to this new shape! Thanks for your happy thoughts 😀
  12. I'm done!!! It was easy (so far...) and I peeked immediately-they weren't hiding in my arm pits while I was lying down so yay!!! They seem big but I'm guessing a bit swollen, and a little wide apart but it's only hours. Feeling great but gonna sleep well I reckoned n. Wonder how I'll go when anaesthetic wears off. Not sick though, and coffee never tasted so damn good!
  13. Thanks. I'm so excited. Today's the day 😀😀 can't wait to post some afters. Can't wait to stop obsessing (I will stop obsessing, right?)
  14. Yeah it's funny isn't it, we're never happy with what we have 😐
  15. Got the call, all set for Friday morning,posted before pics (cringe!)in gallery and ready to post wonderful afters as soon as I'm able. Let's see how this pans out. Super excited!!!
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