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  1. Haha yeah that's true!? Thank you for the advice though, sizing is so hard ? Just wanna get it right this time x
  2. Oh wow they look amazing ? So round and full! So out of all of this it's definitely not worth risking going over my bwd? And just try go a higher profile instead haha, they look great
  3. I mentioned going XHP and he said he doesn't really like doing them and his only done a couple and wanted to take them out as they look like torpedos ? Oh really that's lucky! Haha, yeah that's what I'm thinking. After looking at the risks I'm thinking to maybe just go with that he thinks as I even have to sign something to say I take repsonsbility because I'm going over my bwd so that scares me. Does xhp look much different to hp? Oh really? Yeah I really want to that way I don't have to risk going over my bwd Yeah that's true, they know a lot more so I should probably listen to him, yeah maybe see what other implants he can offer
  4. Oh really? That's interesting, Yeah I think maybe! Do you know what implant brand yours are? Yeah it's a tough one because I'm scared to do it the second time and then completely stuff them because i am happy with them I just wish they were a bit bigger! Say he can fit max 425cc would say 25 or 50cc extra make much of a difference ? X Oh I'll definitely have a look at that! Say the max he could put in was 425cc but instead puts 450cc or 475cc would that extra 25/50cc make much of a difference? He doesn't really want to do it but he said he will if I really want to but I just have to sign a form because it's over my width and that I take responsibility, should that be a red flag to not do it or is that what all surgeons have to do? Oh that's good then, maybe I might have to look into that then, because I thought about ultra high profile but he doesn't like doing them
  5. Hey again ladies! So im definitely going bigger but the size I want goes over my BWD. My BWD is 12.5 so my surgeon said he could fit max 425cc but I want about 475 or 500cc, I'm about 56kg and around 162cm, has anyone with similar stats on here gone over there BWD and been totally fine or have you had problem occur? I really want to go bigger but my surgeon doesn't want me to and i feel like I should listen to him as he is the expert although at the same time I've heard of so many people getting 500cc and say they are a small implant, does this mean there bwd is wider then mine and that's why they can or are some surgeons just more conservative?
  6. I've been suggested to not go over 425cc, this was from before my surgery, so would it be different now or still around the same?
  7. Hello everyone, So I havnt been on here in a while but am now 1 and a bit years post op and considering revision. Im about 162cm and weigh about 57kgs, I started out as a 10B, I got 375cc round high profile silicone textured implants under the muscle, I now measure about a 10e although I fee they definitely don't look that size. My base width at the beginning was 12 and a half. Although I was very happy with them I wanted bigger from the start of my post op as I felt they looked a lot smaller once inside compared to when you try them on. Does anyone have any experience with my situiation where they went bigger second time round? Will going bigger just make them go out to the sides more? We're you happier? Did you have any problems? Would changing to xhp make them perkier? I'm wanting to get around 500cc, but I've been warned about rippling and all kinds of other problems that could occur if going bigger so it's made me a bit confused as I just want them a bit bigger without looking to out of proportion as I am quite active in the gym so don't want to look to silly but still want big decent size boobs haha
  8. Hey ladies! Quick question here, anyone had a nipple ring and it got infected at all whilst having implants? My nipple ring seems to be playing up a bit the past month, it looks a little infected but then gets better after I wash it but then seems to be getting infected again, should I just take it out all together? Will it effect my implant and get them infected? I really don't want to take it out but if it's going to effect my implant then I will ? I'm seeing my surgeon in about a week, so I'm not to sure if I should try hold out one more week to see if it will get better!
  9. I also had mine done by Craig, I'm about 10 weeks post op and am pretty happy so far ? feel free to message me or send a friend request
  10. Looking great! I don't seem to have any bruising, I'm just over a week post op now
  11. Thank you! It definitely is, over thinking always gets the best sometimes. Oh good idea, that actually helped a bit and after it now being a week I am feeling a bit better about it all. Yeah I think this forum has helped me a lot thankfully, it's great hearing other girls experiences and all the different changes ?
  12. I've got my tongue, belly, nose, tragus and said I couldn't take them out so they just taped them all and i just took out my ears, it all went fine (:
  13. That's exactly right! I will try thank you babe ? Had it on Monday afternoon so about 4 days nearly 5, and nah stopped that after I left the hospital on the Tuesday and then was just taking panadeine forte up until last night, been trying to not take it as much, just when I need it now
  14. Have any of you ladies been experiencing moodiness? How are you all coping? I've been so up and down, it's driving me crazy and probably my boyfriend to haha, I feel bad but I can't help it, one minute I'm telling myself they are going to look better in time I just need to be patient and I'm really happy and I love them then the next minute I'm crying because I should have went bigger and start to over think and get upset ??
  15. Im so glad I found this thread! Thought I was just going crazy, I guess it's normal at the moment haha. How did you girls cope with it and how long did it last? ??
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