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  1. hi all!! havent been on here in a few weeks. @Sylve your tummy and scar looks fab! Glad to hear you're getting back to your normal groove. Im 7 weeks post op now, feeling fine, same as you flat beautiful tum of a morning! I love it but depending on the day usually a bit blown up by night time. Are you still advised to wear your garment for the day time? Are you doing any scar therapy other than the tape? I'm back into the gym as of week 2-3. Very sensibly to start with but I'd say I'm back at probably 85% now. I'm running again slower than before but building up. haven't done any isolated abdominal work but I am very focused on bracing my core more during any other weighted exercises, for instance I trained legs for the first time this week and during leg press and squats and lunges I could really feel my core. Not painful but just a feeling of weakness. It will improve as I go I guess. Push ups are mega hard now, I could bang a heap out on my toes prior to surgery, now I struggle to do 10! Lower abs are so weak! @Miss77 no regrets at all from me- It's the absolute best thing I've done for myself, get excited @Mumof3boys and @Miss77 August is creeping up so bloody fast!! It will be here before you know it! @candice_bree welcome!! I'm so excited for you too! You'll be fine. Get excited! Go into it with an open mind and a positive attitude. It's honesty no where near as bad as the sections I didn't think!! My recovery has been a whole lot faster this time, plus there's no new born baby to look after!! Lol. The worst part for me was being sick from the anaesthesia. (Or maybe the morphine?) That lasted a day or two. It may not even make you ill. Current situation as of this morning. still want to drop maybe 3-4kg
  2. Hey @Sylve how's the recovery going now!? Tell me the swelling goes soon!!! ???? @Miss77 how are you feeling about everything? It's creeping up!! You said you were in August didn't you??
  3. Hey @Miss77 I was about ten days post I think. I'm really swollen again this evening. (Just over two weeks out) It's crazy, I didn't expect it! I thought once I was up and moving about I'd be looking bangin!! Lol. I kind of wasn't prepared for it
  4. Hi guys! @Sylve you look great and if you are still swollen I can't wait to see it swollen!! I've been smashing the water and eating super clean and slowly getting back into my training- very modified of course! I look heaps better today!
  5. Hey @Miss77 I'm 10 days out. Feel really well just Swollen and puffy Af and my boobs are still quite high.... don't laugh at me ? This is Day of surgery and this morning. Can't wait for swelling to go and things to look better!!!
  6. Hi guys! How are we all? @Sylve how you healing? Im doing well. I can't believe how great I feel, I get a bit tired and my back hurts but I'm almost sleeping flat and doing most house jobs. I'm kind of waiting for something to go wrong? I didn't think I would feel this ok? Except..... my mid section is so bloody swollen, I feel kind of sad, I looked better before with the loose skin, at least I had a waist, I look like bloody sponge bob Square Pants!!! ? Tell me it disappears soon ? Did you have swell issues @Sylve? I know it's inevitable but geez I hope it settles soon!
  7. Hi guys! On the other side. Taking it easy, at home as of this morning. The painkillers did a number on me bad nausea etc. vomiting after the TT was *****!!! ? Will post some pics when all my dressings are off! @Sylve you look bloody awesome girl!!!
  8. Hi girls! @Sylve how is recovery progressing? @Mumof3boys I've also had 3 sections. I wonder is it comparable? I feel like they aren't cutting through as much- like it's more superficial. Do u need muscle repair? I have my surgery Thursday. I'm actually starting to pack ? Lol. Hope you are all well.
  9. Hey girls! @Miss77 do you need muscle repair? You look like you are lean every where else! It's so annoying isn't it!!?? Nothing bloody fits right, every thing makes me feel frumpy even though I've worked my arse off to lose weight and get into shape. @Sylve how are you healing!? Feeling ok? Im guessing you are home now? You look fab even in the binder pic!! What's it like going under? I've never been under GA and I think I'm more scared of that than the actual surgery!! Im so excited!! 2 more weeks!! This day/surgery has been like 6 years coming! I can't even wait!
  10. Wow @Sylve I had no idea that sun burn would be a no no! Glad you are on the other side now! Hope you have a speedy recovery and are up and at em soon. Have you been able to see any thing yet or is it staying all wrapped up until the drains and stuff come out? What does the pain pump do? rest up. Look forward to following your recovery x
  11. Can't wait to hear how you are doing @brannz ?
  12. @Miss77 same boat, my MIL is best help for us and the kids too. I have to travel 1.5 hours away and have 2 nights in hospital there..... I've never been a night away from them! She is going to come stay with my husband and kids in a hotel next door to hospital and help him out with them. I hesitated to tell my Her at first but she was pretty supportive -(she is head strong and over opinionated a lot of the time!) mines been deemed medically necessary too so I just told her that. My husband backed me up and said "mum if your car had front end damage you would fix it wouldn't you!? Why is a body any different! ?" @Sylve I've been thinking of you too girl!!! Hope you are well!!!
  13. Go girl! You are in great shape!! You won't know yourself once the tum is fixed!! Good for you!! Heres some of my before.... please don't laugh. - (or vomit) ? As you can see it's pretty hangy and I have zero boobs left, just hangy skin flaps ?
  14. ? @Sylve makes some good points!! @Miss77 do whatever you think is best! If your tummy isn't that bad then don't worry but if it makes you uncomfortable in a bathing suit or clothes then I say go ahead!! How was your c section recovery? Re the kids and scar thing: Mine is deemed "medically necessary" and my kids know that I'm going to have an operation because is causes me grief and discomfort just like @Sylve explained! (Plus it looks pretty bloody horrendous and they laugh at me naked all the time!!?) I'm fit and strong and work out every damn day but my stupid excess skin and abdominal separation make me look like I'm a frumpy mess ?!! My date is April 27th, my garment from my Ps has just arrived in the mail today!!! ***** is getting real!! @Miss77 I am on my feet when I'm out the front, I do the office work as well so I'll keep that up and just ease back into the rest as I can.... @Sylve your date is soooo close!!! How are you feeling? Are you doing anything special in preparation?? Cant wait to hear all about it!!!
  15. Hey! My partner is taking a week off to help with kids... running to school and etc, I'm in Tasmania and a local surgeon is doing my procedure which helps- I did look into travelling away for it but it made no real benefit. Ive bought one garment already and will order another through my PS at my final pre op appointment in two weeks ? We have a busy ***** shop and are in a partnership which takes a little pressure off! My partner might be able to take extra time if needed.... maybe? Lol Where abouts are you located and having surgery?? How bad is your tummy?
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