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  1. Hi @Boost8! I also went with Mark Ashton and had the exact same implants as you're getting. He was amazing and I'm really happy with my outcome! Message me if you'd like to chat further!
  2. I haven't had a tummy tuck, but I think it's normal to go through stages of being unsure if you made the right decision or not following a surgery that alters your appearance AND has a long recovery. You already know that during recovery, your body goes through many changes. Try to remember that how you look now is not the final outcome and try to be easy on yourself. You're very early in your recovery so you have got quite a while to go before you see your final outcome. I had a breast augmentation a few months ago and about 2 weeks into my recovery one of my breasts was much larger than the other and my nipples were asymmetrical. Basically I looked REALLY wonky. I knew that wasn't my final outcome, but it didn't stop me from getting down and feeling like crap though. Everything worked out and I look fine now To make a long story short... don't let your current stage of recovery dictate how you feel over the whole thing. It will pass and you will look much, much different in time.
  3. I wouldn't bother with travel agents. You can do everything yourself. Airbnb is hands down the best option for accommodation. Virgin Australia is best for flights to the USA (no more than $1300) and for Europe Etihad is great (no more than $1600). Of course price varies based on when you go, but I would pay no more than either of the above prices to go to either destination. To asia, check out air Asia, jet star or tiger for cheap flights. 👍
  4. I wanted to be a C cup but now I've got E 😂 They look good and I'm happy with them. Bra size doesn't particularly matter to me anymore like I thought it would.
  5. Haha it's so funny @EmT! I wasn't really expecting it to work and then I got a bit of a surprise lol. Let me know how you go with testing it out 😜
  6. @Suziet @Bond007 try again!! It does work 😂😂 turn off all the lights and put the camera on the side or even bottom of your boob and wait til you light up 😂 It's kinda cool lol.
  7. Oh god this made me laugh 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 http://www.maxim.com/news/how-to-tell-if-boobs-are-real-or-fake-2016-5
  8. I got filler 2 weeks after my surgery and had no issues I did read up on this as I wasn't sure either if I should do it before or after and I don't think I found anything saying it made much of a difference. I just did mine afterwards because my BA was more important and I wanted that out of the way!
  9. Yep these new boobies sure do motivate you to look after yourself and make sure the rest of you is looking great don't they lol 😂 I'm sure you'll be looking fabulous in no time cant wait to do more shopping! So exciting. How many weeks post op are you now
  10. Tomorrow I'll be at 8 weeks so I went bra shopping today 😊 I'm meqsuring a 10E!!! I was pretty shocked lol. I knew they were bigger.. but wasn't excepting that lol 😜 So many pretty bras! 🎉
  11. @Kazza glad to hear you are doing well! Your surgeon is awesome so you're going to have an amazing result!! Yay for the new and improved you!!!! You're going to be smokin hot 😘
  12. -recovery is a long process! I never had pain- only very slight discomfort that could be alleviated with panadol. Even though I felt fine, my body was still healing. 6 weeks in I'm back to the gym so I like to think I'm pretty good now. By the 3rd week I felt pretty normal/over it lol. -driving after 2 weeks. Could have driven earlier cause felt fine but dr said no driving so wouldn't have been covered by insurance if I was in an accident so why risk it -took 2 weeks off, could have gone back after 1. I work in an office though. -no regrets. These babies look good 😏🎉
  13. Thanks @ayesha79! I've heard vitamin e is really good! I'll do my research into them 😊 @Suziet I've read a bit about silicone tapes. That gel sounds interesting!! Ahhh so many options! Lol looking forward to hearing what you think!
  14. 7 weeks ago I had my BA and I am really keen to start looking into starting some treatment for the incisions I have in my creases. I've looked through the forum for ideas and have found a few, but not really sure where to start! It doesn't help that I forgot to ask my PS about this when I saw him last week lol Would love to hear everyone's feedback on what they found worked for them!! Thanks ladies
  15. The peak of Everest reaches the same altitude that an airplane does. So I think we can survive being that high up without being being in a pressurised environment. Oh well - I still need to ask a professional anyway I'm going to Mount Everest next year so I really hope my boobs can make the trip lol
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