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  1. I just wanted to update on my journey and say that I'm now feeling fantastic about everything. I do have a slightly larger gap than before but it's not much bigger and they are coming together as the muscle relaxes. Also, I used to feel my boobs touched too much when I wore a push-up, so this may be a good thing! I've noticed a lot of difference in the past few weeks. I'm loving my silhouette in clothes and dresses. When I downsized to my 275cc implants, I stopped wearing dresses because I didn't feel attractive in them anymore. Well..... let me tell you. I spent $1500 on new dresses in 4 days
  2. I'm so sorry to hear your story. I can't imagine how much this must have affected you in relationships at such a young age, especially when the whole reason you got a BA was because you were insecure about your chest! It was so wrong of your surgeon not to correct this and waive his surgeon's fee. Understandably, hospital fees and anaesthetics fees can't be waived but this was his error and he should've worked with you to correct it. Are you working at the moment? Do you have children? What is your situation? Obviously, if you had the means to fix this I understand you would. I hope somebody c
  3. I swear to god there was a reply here from TheFox that I couldn't respond to while the site was down! I'm sorry!
  4. Hey! I haven't been to Dr Donna but I know that a number of girls on here have and he isn't afraid to go large if that's the look you're after! I've only heard good things about him but unfortunately, can't speak from experience! His before and afters look great and he's also reasonably priced. I can't see why he wouldn't want to work with interstate patients! It's just a matter of you getting yourself there and staying long enough for follow-up. I don't know if he'd require you to come back at 5 or 6 weeks? Maybe that's something one of the other girls can help you with. All the best!
  5. Thanks for your reply Kit! I actually decided to measure myself with an online calculator (68cm underbust and 89cm bust), which makes me a 10D. I actually found that the bombshell website had a chart for different international bra sizes and what size should fit. According to that, a small should fit in their style. Very helpful!
  6. So I love ordering gym clothes online from places like Ryderwear, Echt, Bombshell, etc. I've never ordered any sports bras though as I was waiting til I had my revision. I was just wondering how many of you girls go with sizing with your implants. Do you find that if your band size fits a small, you're still able to stretch the material enough for it to fit your assets comfortably? Alternatively, if you move up to a medium, is the band really loose. I have a very narrow underbust and I'm concerned about going up in bigger sizes and having no support underneath. Also, I know there is huge varia
  7. Thanks. I haven't needed to take it again but I will check with them in case I do. How are you going now after your breast implant illness post explant?
  8. I think you need to remind yourself that 415cc is not a massive implant. It's not 'small' but it's by no means a ridiculous size! It's only 40cc more than what I have. I'm not sure of the dimensions of your particular implant but even with the XHP, the projection is probably only a cm more than mine at MOST. I know it's always easy for someone else to say ( I've been there and ignored the words of others trying to make me see sense ? ) but you do look great. They look nice and full but definitely not crazy. And since the bottoming out has been corrected, you are looking fabulous. I think your
  9. So I had my BA revision on Thursday. Went larger and switched from above muscle to under the muscle due to visible rippling in the cleavage. I had HORRIBLE muscle spasms in my right pec Thursday night that kept waking me from sleep and were particularly worse after I'd tried to move or reposition myself. I mean, this isn't unexpected given I'd just had a huge foreign body shoved under there. I called out a home GP Friday night who prescribed some diazepam (valium) for the spasms. I'm just wondering if many Australian surgeons commonly prescribe this in the post-operative period to assist with
  10. It definitely is crazy how our mind can play tricks on us! I think you look fantastic, by the way! I'm sorry you had to go through such an ordeal with your surgeries to get to where you are now. I can relate to the unsupportive partner thing! (I read some of your old posts). My partner didn't want me to get a BA in the first place but accepted it. But now that I've gone under the knife for a 3rd time (purely for size/aesthetics), he's not impressed at all. He's been doing a great job looking after me but he's still not happy with the whole situation. I was tempted to try and go larger this tim
  11. Thanks guys. I'm surprisingly not in as much pain as I thought I would be going under the muscle. The first night wasn't fun and I was having horrible muscle spasms! I got the GP to prescribe some diazepam to help with that and it's made a difference. Also, I've been sleeping so much because of the endone, which is a good thing. I figure the more I sleep, the better and quicker I heal so no complaints there! I'll keep you updated. I can't wait to go bra shopping and dress shopping again. I really miss how they looked in dresses the first time around. @I HaveBoobs Sorry to hear you're wan
  12. It's a shame it's such a process, isn't it?! If only we could try the implants out in our body like we try on a dress, it would make things much easier. I'm so sorry to hear about the CC. That's one of my worst fears! Of course he woke up when you tried to take his toy ? hahaha. Always the way. Thank you. Definitely plan on resting. I started getting horrible spasms in my right breast this morning. My pecs are freaking out.
  13. So I had my initial BA in 2016 and had 350cc subfascial. I was initially really happy and thought they looked great. Over time I began to feel they were too big for my frame and in particular, had too much upper pole fullness. In hindsight, I just hadn't mentally adjusted to having boobs. I'd always been very tall and skinny with A-cups and now I was noticing other women checking my boobs out! So... in 2018, I downsized to 275cc mod+. This doesn't sound like a big drop but it was pretty significant on my build. I'd dropped 1.2cm in projection, which meant they disappeared in clothes. I re
  14. They are looking a lot better after a week. Still a little more than I would like but I've read that some people feel it takes 2 weeks for them to look good. The bruising has gone now so that makes a big difference!
  15. It didn't hurt as much as I expected! I think my nurse did a really good job of numbing me beforehand. She put the numbing cream on a good 10-15 minutes before she injected. She did my anti-wrinkle stuff first while the numbing cream worked it's magic. The initial prick was a little painful but not too bad at all, no worse than the dysport/botox. It's more just a strange feeling coz you can feel something is going into your lip and it feels tight. I think if the numbing cream hadn't had time to work properly it might be pretty painful though!
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