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  1. Hey I recently downsized (5 months ago). I always felt that the implants were too big for me and I didn't like the projection. My skin has tightened up nicely. My surgeon put sutures at the lower borders of the capsule to help support the smaller implant. They look great! I only downsized by 75cc and switched from HP to mod+. Of course, how well they recover depends on your skin elasticity, how much natural droop you have, how long you've had the implants, etc. I found looking at explant and downsize without lift photos on real self gave me an idea of how skin retracts and improves over time.
  2. Yes, definitely! I'll update tomorrow. I have my 5-week follow up with the PS tomorrow morning.
  3. I'm not a surgeon but at first glance, it looks like the boob on the right (in the picture) maybe has CC?
  4. 25 days post op. I think they're looking tighter.
  5. Thanks That's all I wanted the fist time around! A subtle enhancement. To me, they're still much larger than my pre-op boobs and I can still make them look big if I want to. How are you going with your decision now?? @JD*
  6. Hi KLJ I had my first BA in 2016, less than 2 years ago. I always felt they were too big for me and what I wanted. I only downsized 3 weeks ago. I'm 171cm and 52kg. My BWD was only about 11cm and I ended up with an implant 11.7cm wide (surgeon said that was the maximum width I could take). So I kept the same width and just changed from HP to mod+.
  7. Seeing changes every week! Skin is definitely retracting more in the upper pole Starting to look tight again!!
  8. I don't have these implants but they are a pretty popular choice. The first surgeon I saw was going to use these on me. The surgeon I ended up going with said that Mentor are softer and that's why I chose Mentor. Both are good choices. The Inspira have a higher fill ratio, which makes them less likely to ripple. Mentor are a bit softer but more prone to ripples. There are a few girls on this forum who have them but haven't replied. They probably don't visit this forum anymore coz they're happy with their BA and have moved on! I think they are a good choice. I was going to use these for my revision initially because the surgeon had a 'free set' he could use on me. I didn't do my revision until 6 months later so he used them on someone else. But I would've been totally happy using them. The only reason I went with Mentor again is because I was happy with my first Mentors and figured, why change? I just wanted to decrease the size. Also, the Mentor allowed me to go slightly lower in projection.
  9. Thank you. I feel sooo much more comfortable with the size. It's hard to believe that 75cc can make such a big difference but it's quite noticeable to me, even looking at the photos you can see a fairly significant difference. And I still feel like I have plenty of boob! Tried on my 10C bras this morning that I bought last Friday. They're fitting great.
  10. Yes, thank you both! I will look at what exercises might be helpful.
  11. Yes, I think I will stick with the notion of 'support, support, support!' I taped my nipples up with duck tape last night and this morning I used hypafix to do the same thing. So I think for the next few months I'll use the hypafix and just wait and see. I do need to improve my diet haha.
  12. Just an update. They are definitely less swollen this week. I'm hoping the skin in the upper pole retracts back a bit more but overall, still feeling really good about my decision. The skin has definitely firmed up a lot. It felt really 'doughy' last week when I had the dressings removed and the skin flaked off like crazy! I've been using bio-oil this week and I'm feeling and seeing small improvements everyday. Before vs 2 weeks post revision and 1 vs 2 weeks post revision It looks like I have stretch marks in this weeks photo but I don't! It's just where I taped my nipples up with duck tape last night (trying to encourage upper pole skin retraction) . Side profile is definitely looking firmer than last week
  13. So, I've been doing some reading about breast support and increasing the perkiness of your breasts. I just had my revision a couple of weeks ago and while my boobs aren't sagging, my nipples are sitting lower than I'd like. I never had great nipple position with the larger implants either. I feel like the overfilled upper pole forced them down and outward and increased my nipple to clavicle distance. It was initially 19cm before surgery and is now 21cm. I'm willing to accept that they'll probably never be fully lifted to their pre-BA position without the help of a crescent lift or some surgical intervention. However, I know that I will experience some degree of skin retraction over the next few months and I've been looking into ways to support this as best I can. So some sources say that wearing a bra actually weakens your Cooper's ligaments (the ligaments that hold your boobs up and keep them perky). I guess the theory makes sense. If you don't use certain muscles or ligaments in the body, they atrophy because they're not needed. So wearing a bra takes all of the pressure off of the ligaments and they weaken. Then when you're not wearing a bra, they can't maintain the lift that they would otherwise be able to if the ligaments were strong and working hard. But there aren't any muscles in the breast so I don't know how much ligament strength alone can be improved by 'making them work' to keep your boobs perky. There is conflicting evidence and advice out there. Thoughts?
  14. I've been looking at countless explant photos on real self and I am seriously amazed at how great some of them look. I won't lie, some are scary too. But most of them end up looking quite good. There was one woman who used some type of laser collagen stimulation each month for about 9 months and her skin looked sooooo much better afterwards! I think if you browse that website, you'll get an idea of what to expect. I think you're better of explanting first and seeing how they go before you add lift scars. I think sometimes a lift can actually make them more uneven because it's hard to remove the same amount of tissue from each breast and the tissue will also still retract. You know how you have a vertical incision from a lift, it's like there are 2 sides that then can retract inwards over the next few months and it can create a weird dent. I've seen it on a couple of women who've removed implants with a lift. Obviously, this isn't always the case and maybe it depends on surgical skill, I don't know. But I think if you're young and didn't have ptotic breasts to begin with, combined with the fact that they haven't been in that long, you might be very happy with just an explant.
  15. I told Mum they were a little bit droopier than before and she was like 'well that's to be expected'. Then I showed her and she rolled her eyes and said 'Are you serious? I'll show you droopy!' Hahaha... So maybe they're actually ok and I know they'll only get better. Here is a comparison of before and after. I can already see the size difference, even with the swelling.
  16. Just had my tape removed and I'm thrilled with how they're looking! They're soooo soft. They are a teeny bit droopier than before (not much and it's only me being super critical) but I'm only 8 days post op and real self has given me a huge amount of confidence in the body's ability to snap back over the first few months and up to a year even! They are looking a little bit more square along the bottom from where they've been restitched but again, I've seen how this improves and rounds out over time. So far I'm really happy and I can definitely notice a difference in size! I went and tried on some bras after I had my tape removed and I'm a 10C!! They're firm-fitting but I know I still have some swelling and i think I will end up comfortably wearing a C cup, down from a full D! It's amazing that 75cc was able to make that much of a difference for me, probably due to the profile change. But again, I think that shows when you have a small band size and you're really slim, a little can make a big difference. Happy I feel this size will be a much better fit for my frame once the swelling subsides.
  17. Well, I've felt that way about them since the beginning and I figure, why be unhappy? I noticed I was slouching a lot so they looked smaller and I was always conscious of them, even though I know they weren't huge. I read so many stories on real self by women who'd been unhappy with their implants for 10 or 20 years and finally had them removed or replaced with a smaller size and they all said 'I wish I'd done it sooner'. I didn't want to be feeling this way for another decade, especially when I never hated my small boobs to begin with! So even though I beat myself up about the money, I think it's worth it. I was going to remove them altogether at one stage. That's how uncomfortable I felt! But I'm glad I didn't. At least I have something to show for all the money in the end and I really do think that small change in size and profile has made a huge difference. And I still have nice boobs and awesome cleavage, which is all I wanted in the first place! I felt the difference as soon as I woke up and put my hands around them. Once I'm healed, I'll take some photos to compare. My partner has been cutting up my dogs' food for the past week. I watched him tonight and he gave them 3 times as much as I normally give them! He's like 'yeah, but they look hungry' hahaha. Omg, they'll turn into kegs if I don't hurry up and take over again.
  18. Thanks @Wanting boobs I just feel a lot more like me. I still have quite a bit of boob but now it feels more like an enhancement rather than 2 coconut halves glued to my chest. I know they looked good before but I was definitely top-heavy. And once everything's settled down, I need to work on that butt! Haha I'm so itchy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just want to scratch the crap out of my incisions but they're all taped and padded up. Ugh!!! Also can't wait to wash my hair and have a shower. Dry shampoo is great and all but I'm starting to feel gross. I've been having baths every night and one of my dogs comes and sits with me, crying to get in. The other one runs away as soon as she hears the water coz she hates baths and thinks it's for her. I can pick them up again now if I'm super careful so recovery is definitely much easier this time. It was just the first 2 days that sucked and I had some nausea for a few days after that. But definitely starting to feel back to normal now.
  19. Thanks I'm really loving the size and shape already and I haven't even seen them yet haha. I need to start working on that ass of mine though. Jeez, looking pretty pathetic in the above photo haha.
  20. I want the tape off already!!! I want to see my new boobs
  21. I finally had my drains removed today! I'm still taped up so they're pointing straight ahead like torpedoes like they were after my initial surgery. Can't wait until Friday when I have the dressing removed. I asked the nurse today how they looked in theatre and she said they looked really good, basically just a slightly smaller version of what I had. I'm already loving the more natural slope from the side and I feel a lot slimmer in my tops. So far, so good. Just feeling a bit bloated
  22. Most things will still fit unless they were quite firm-fitting to begin with. I found with some knitted tops from stores like TEMPT where the make is a bit shorter, I had to start buying M instead of S because my boobs would lift the fabric higher and they'd be too short. But I'm pretty tall. I probably started buying some tops/jackets a size bigger because it was more comfortable and I didn't want to be like 'hey, look at my boobs! ' but I totally could've worn the same size I had previously, it was more of a comfort thing.
  23. Yeah, definitely. Pain wise, I feel a lot better today. I've been sleeping so much! Slept most of yesterday on the couch and then went to bed at 8:30 last night and got up at 7:30 this morning. Just had a bath, which was nice. Now back to chilling on the couch. My dogs keep wanting to climb all over me and don't understand why I'm being so mean. It's breaking my heart I'm loving the new size though. Feel like I definitely made the right choice.
  24. So I felt a little worse for wear today. Slept terribly last night. I think I overdid it yesterday with getting up and down and I was in a fair bit of pain last night. Just felt like I had a reaaaally tight bra on and couldn't breathe and had occasional sharp, shooting pains in my left boob. Then this morning I was sitting at my desk watching Netflix when I felt really dizzy all of a sudden. I rested my head on the desk and the next thing I remember I was on the floor, totally out of it. My partner was home and he got mad at me, assumed I had taken too many pain meds and said I wasn't resting properly. So he took my meds off of me and my laptop and made me rest on the lounge for the rest of the day. I had been taking 2 panadeine forte at a time but he's only letting me have 1 now haha. I slept a lot today on the couch and feel a bit better. I still keep getting very dizzy and nauseated though, even though I've been eating a drinking pretty well.
  25. Thanks guys They started to feel a bit tight and achy after a few hours but nothing too bad. I took some panadeine forte and that helped a lot. The nurse said I may need to have drains before I even went in, which surprised me. I really didn't expect to wake up with them though. I asked a different nurse afterwards why I needed the drains this time and not for the first procedure and she was surprised too! She said maybe they needed to do some minor dissection or I might've been a bit oozy during the procedure. I guess when you're putting a smaller implant in though, you have extra space in the pocket and your body doesn't like that. It tries to fill the space with fluid because that's the quickest way to close it so that could be why. It's like patients with liver failure and ascites. You can drain 3 litres of fluid from their abdomen and it will come straight back because the body wants to fill the space (and because their liver is ***** and everything gets forced out of the vessels yada yada). So I guess that would be logical I don't mind actually. I kind of like looking at how much fluid I've lost, even if it makes my partner dizzy And I'd rather it drain out of me so that I feel smaller and don't start freaking out that I'm still too big haha. I haven't lost much though.
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