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  1. If you're afraid of being too small and would rather wake up too big, absolutely go bigger! I think that's a good way to look at it. I was totally the opposite. I'm just having my own crisis haha, and I'd rather you hear from both sides of the coin and make up your own mind as to what you think you'd prefer. Not everyone wishes they were bigger. I hope you get the look you want
  2. 400cc would be considered a pretty large implant. It's not small. But it's very common for women to have implants that size (400-600) these days and they do NOT look like porn stars like you might imagine. It's not an unusual size by any means but if you read a lot of the answers to questions on real self, most of the surgeons would call that a large implant in terms of healing, stretch on the skin and muscles, etc. It's certainly not a conservative size like say, 200cc. Silicone gives a much more natural look though so they don't look like the saline implants did back in the day with that half grapefruit stuck-on look. But it's relative to body-size, what you're starting with. It can look very conservative on one person and very full on another.
  3. It's so hard isn't it. I spent months agonising over sizes and now I'm about to have a revision because I feel too big!! I had a consult with Dr Kollias initially and then went with Dr Cooter. Dr Kollias recommended Moderate profile allergen (equivalent to mentor mod+) and less than 300cc. Dr Cooter recommended 350cc HP because I was narrow (11cm BWD) and the only way to get more volume was to go forward (projection). I can understand the reasoning behind this and most women would be thrilled with my outcome. I can say they look really good naked and they match my goal photos. They're just too big for me and in hindsight I should have asked for something more conservative. If I wear bras with any kind of support, they look very rounded in the upper pole because I'm so thin. When you're thinner and have a narrower ribcage, less cc's go a long way. So unless you really want to be 'the biggest you can go', you don't have to choose HP simply because you're small. In fact, I think sometimes that's a reason NOT to choose it. They can end up looking too round and globular. Like I said, naked they're great. But in bikinis and bras and everyday clothes that lift them.. huge). I find myself downplaying them with sports bras and bralettes. Women who are more muscular or are carrying a little more weight in general may need HP to get that definition in the cleavage that they want. But don't underestimate a lower profile and lower cc's when you're small. I'm tall (5'8) but thin and I can make 350cc look huge. I never wear padded bras or even anything with the slightest contouring because of it. You need to ask yourself if you'd be more disappointed being too small or too big. For me, it's the latter. Everyone will tell you that you'll wish you went bigger but that's not the case for everyone. There are plenty of women on real self who've downsized or even explanted. So I just think it's important you hear from both sides.
  4. So I've decided to fork out the money for the mentor implants. I don't want the cohesive inspires if they're gonna be like rocks! The total procedure is gonna cost way more than I expected actually But still less than my initial BA. I feel so stupid for spending all this money on my boobs. Such a waste. If I could turn back time and never have it done, I would. But, I think if they were just a bit smaller, I could be totally happy. I just can't live with the upper pole fullness I have now. It's too much. I KNEW I wouldn't like HP but my surgeon talked me into it because I was narrow and he was afraid I wouldn't get the volume I wanted otherwise. I don't blame him. He did a great job and they look like the photos I asked for. It's just that seeing them in photos is one thing. Wearing them in bras and under clothes and realising how overdone they look in everyday life is another. The surgeon is ordering the 275, 250 and possibly the 225 in mod+ mentor. I actually think with the profile change and that loss of upper pole projection, I should feel a lot better and I'll still have nice boobs. My surgery date has also been put forward because there's been a cancellation. So it's now on the 24th. 3 weeks today!
  5. I've just realised that the free implants are actually the inspira COHESIVES though. I don't want these. They'll be too firm for me, I know it. I'll have to call up Monday and find out for sure. If so, I'd rather pay for the implants and have the soft touch ones. I don't want to have another surgery and be unhappy with the feel. I already feel like my mentors are pretty firm but they're ok. I can squish them. If they were firmer though, I wouldn't like it. And I know the Inspira will already be slightly firmer because they have a higher fill volume but to then move up to a cohesive will be too much. These are the new ones introduced by Allergan and they use the EXACT same fill that's in the gummy bears but in a round. Nope.
  6. I saw my PS today and have decided to downsize to 275cc moderate profile Allergan implants (equivalent to mod+ in mentor, actually sliiiightly more projection and less width than the mentor mod+). That's a downsize in 75cc. There is 1cm less projection than what I currently have and only 0.2cm less in width. I wanted to go narrower again (240cc and 0.7cm less width) but my PS talked me out of it. He said the implants will be loose in the pockets and they may end up settling weird and put my nipples in an odd position. If I keep a similar width, they're more secure and I'll likely have good skin retraction from a projection standpoint. I have to say I'm feeling really good about my decision. I'm booked in for May 31st but have said if any cancellations come up, call me! I just want it done before I have time to overthink it and change my mind. I was lucky to get the implants for free and the surgeon is waiving his fee. So I just have to cover the cost of the anaesthetist and hospital fee. He's done a really good job of discounting it for me. It'll work out to about 3.5K compared to 10k for the initial surgery. I know it's still a lot of money but much better than a standard revision would normally cost! He's done the best deal he can for me.
  7. Hey all, So I've never had lip filler but I have a very thin upper lip and am thinking I might finally bite the bullet! I don't want 'big, overdone' lips. I want them to look quite natural. At the moment my top lip so thin that when i laugh or smile it almost disappears! I just want it to look a little fuller without being dramatic. Any advice? I've heard there are different lip shapes? that people can ask for when getting fillers. I really have no idea about any of this. Anything I should ask about when sussing out different clinics to go to? Thanks in advance! <3
  8. So I've just signed up to have some skin treatments with Laser Clinics. My skin isn't too bad. I'm pretty lucky in that I don't have a lot of lines yet, just a bit of a frown line between my brows which I've started getting botox for. My skin is a bit more on the oily side so that's good for wrinkles but i have pretty large pores on my forehead and cheeks, which I HATE. I went and had a consult with laser clinics and they've recommended starting with something called 'Skin Fit', which is a treatment package that includes 2 microdermabrasion sessions, 2 mild-moderate face peels and 2 sessions of yellow LED. It also included a cleanser, a hyaluronic acid cream and a sunscreen/primer. So, I'm gonna see how that goes and see what parts of that I like. I went in with the intention of getting the derma pen treatment but the woman said I don't need that and it would be overkill. What treatments have you guys tried for large pores?
  9. You are right in that subfascial placement can help narrow the gap. Having them placed under the muscle or dual plane can accentuate the gap but it depends on how developed your muscles are and how much muscle release your surgeon performs. Also, having a wider implant will help close the space between. I'm so sorry that you have CC. That must be awful!
  10. Have you always had a large gap or is it much more pronounced now due to the capsular contracture?
  11. Looking great already! You are absolutely beautiful anyway, might I add!
  12. 7 pets?!!! I'm so jealous! I have 2 dogs and want another but my fiancé' said no. There are 2 surgeons in Adelaide who are spoken very highly of, Dr Cooter and Dr Kollias. I had my surgery done 18 months ago by Dr Cooter. I've had no complications and he did a fantastic job. From memory, Dr Cooter was about $1k dearer than Dr Kollias but both were very reasonably priced, especially compared to APSA.
  13. Mine were quite bulky and long! But that's because my jaw is out of whack and they tried to compensate for that with my first wax-up! But other than that, they looked pretty good! They were literally a mould of my wax-up and just made of a plastic type stuff (similar to what's in fillings). I recommend seeing your doctor and getting some good pain relief beforehand. Something codeine-based like panadeine forte or panadeine extra will do wonders for pain control. They can be quite sensitive afterwards when the anaesthetic wears off. You can't buy any codeine-based products over the counter anymore (as of start of Feb) so it's good if you're prepared!
  14. How exciting! I'd never heard of this guy until now. I did my 20 at once and it was definitely an ordeal Mind you, I had to travel to QLD to have it done (took 2 weeks) and the lab that designs the veneers is literally 15 minutes from the dental clinic so it was easy to send them back and make adjustments. The grinding can get uncomfortable, I won't lie. Mind you, I had 6 crowns (on top) and 14 veneers so a bit more grinding on top for me. My advice is to just put your hand up once the anaesthetic starts to wear off (mine did ). I tried to be brave the first session and just deal with it but if you just speak up, the dentist will numb you again and you'll be comfortable. It's a long time in the chair. And I will warn you, if you see your face with ground down teeth, you will feel like the ugliest person ever. I wasn't going to look but I caved and did. Ugh!! Not pretty. But so worth it in the end. I went the second whitest shade and the dentist also used a white cement to block out some of the darkness underneath (apparently my dentin was quite dark). They are definitely white enough for me!! I was almost going to go with BL3 but my dentist recommended BL2 with white cement and then added some minor gingival staining to give them a bit more of a natural look. That's another thing to understand, you can use a clear cement, which lets more of your natural colour show through so when you look at 2 photos of BL2 shade, they can be different colours. If I didn't have to travel for mine, I would've broken up the experience also. My top teeth were very sensitive to cold foods for about 4 months (but I had crowns on these) but are fine now. I slept a lot after being in the chair. The anaesthetic, although local, seemed to knock me about. Even the fitting of the permanents can be quite painful afterwards. Good luck! I look forward to seeing your new smile.
  15. It's definitely an adjustment!! Also, you've just had surgery so you don't even know what the 'new you' looks like yet! That'll take months so your bf needs to shut-up . You're probably stressed and emotional enough and dealing with the pain on top of that, so expect to feel a little uncertain at first. I remember living in my pj's for the first week coz I just thought I looked FAT in everything. It didn't help that they were taped straight ahead like torpedoes and overs look a lot more swollen initially coz the muscle isn't compressing them down . If you have unders, that's probably why you're finding it hard to stand properly right now. Your muscles have been stretched! By hunching you give your pecs a bit of relief. In time, once everything heals, you'll be back to your old self, only better.
  16. I can feel rippling in my cleavage and ever so slightly I can see it at some angles. But in clothing and bras, even where there is the tiniest bit of pressure against them, it disappears completely. I can feel the edge of my implants in my cleavage area if i try but can't get my fingers under them. It doesn't bother me because you would have to be looking for it to notice and it's only when naked anyway. I wouldn't worry about it unless it becomes very visible.
  17. Hmm.. I don't know that jaw surgery would work in this case. Your bite is now perfect according to your dentist. I think you should consider what your dentist said about the muscles you're using to smile. I can show all of my teeth if I wish but when I 'smile' properly, my bottom teeth don't show. However, everybody's smile is different. I show ALL of my top teeth when I smile, right up to the gum line. Some people only show part of their top teeth and also part of their bottom teeth. If people are commenting that you 'don't smile properly', you might actually be doing something weird with your muscles, similar to when people say 'show me your teeth'. You can pull your bottom lip down when you smile or you can leave it completely lifted over your bottom teeth. Maybe that's what you're doing? I'd try practicing smiling in front of a mirror and see if there is anything you can change with the muscles you're using first.
  18. My sister had 450cc implants put in a few years ago. Initially, she hated them. But after they settled and her muscles relaxed and let the implants fluff out and take on a better shape, she loves them! Are your implants under the muscle? Because if they are, they will take a lot longer to settle because the muscles are compressing them and everything is super tight. I think you just need to give it time. <3
  19. Hi Honeylove. I'm sorry you're feeling this way I went through a period where I felt mine were too large also. Did you have round or teardrop implants? I discussed the possibility of revision with my surgeon and he was fantastic. Had I decided to go ahead with it, it would've been about 1/3 of the price of the initial augmentation. But this was because of several factors, one being that he'd been offered a free set of implants from Allergan (a new textured implant) so he was able to waive the costs of replacement implants for me. However, you still need to pay a theatre fee, anaesthetist's fee and the surgeon's fee (at his/her discretion) so this all comes into play. If you have private health, you may be in a better position to have those fees reduced. Generally, if you return to the same surgeon and express your discomfort, he should try to help you achieve your desired result and the cost shouldn't be as much as the first time, but this depends on the surgeon and reasons for wanting a revision.
  20. Seriously?? I don't remember mine being painful at all! They were painful after they were first put on and when they were tightened each month but removing them was a real non-event for me.
  21. I don't think they look too big at all! Also, 3mm extra width is hardly a lot be worried about in terms of looking too matronly. I'm guessing the implants are high profile? If so, you definitely won't look matronly. They'll have forward projection as well as width.
  22. I think it was about $240. The second consult was half of that. It was worth it though. Dr Cooter spent 45 - 1hr going through things with me, taking measurements, etc. Also, the sizers were much better than my previous consult because you're given a tight white shirt and disposable bra and the sizers are like a fake boob that moulds around your own boob (rather than just an actual implant) so it gives you an idea of how you will look post op. I felt very confident walking out of that consult.
  23. It's hard to know. In the second pic they look huge haha. I think they could be a 250-275cc mod plus maybe (rounds) but it's always hard to tell. Sizes look different on everyone and we don't know whether those bikini tops are padded inside or how much the images have been altered. I don't think they're high profile though. They don't have a lot of projection. Either way, they look very natural and tasteful. I think the second image might have been digitally enhanced.
  24. @Mama_Milks has XHP @diishere has XHP @Cathy has XHP, although hers are anatomicals @Rachy9156 also has XHP @Indiana01 is another XHP girl These are just some examples I found searching through the gallery.
  25. If you have a decent amount of starting tissue, it's actually quite hard to get a very obvious and stuck-on fake look. It's more of an issue for people who are very skinny and have bony chests and not much to conceal the implant. Going under the muscle will also help eliminate some of that upper pole fullness. There are quite a few people on here who've had extra high profile implants and look great. It's only something like a cm of extra projection between the different profiles. I'd focus more on the size you want. Obviously your ribcage is too narrow to accommodate a 450cc in HP so the only way to add volume is to go XHP.
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