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    BA with crescent Nipple lift ( left side) to fix assymetry
    295 CPG. Mentor Moderate Plus Profile- Anatomic Dual Plane
    was scheduled 27th Sept but was postponed due to whooping Cough. Was Rescheduled for 18th October.
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    Dr Miroshnik
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    165cm 49kg. 10A

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  1. It was highly recommended. but once we got back to the hotel It was obvious to both of us that I didn't need her... she was actually bored!
  2. what - cant believe you want to go smaller What size do you measure? do have any photos? glad your well!
  3. Everyone is different. Depends on your frame and your surgeon will know best. I'm 50kg and 165cm. I got 295cc. Something in the low to mid 200's is probably what you'll get.
  4. When I had mine done I thought I would need to explain to my kids who were ages 4,5 and 9 at the time. I only had to explain to my 9 year old. The youngest were content with " mummy has a sore back" and my 9 year old I explained I had to fill the boobs back up after breast feeding. I was more worried my 9 year old would tell her friends!
  5. I travelled from Brisbane to Sydney for my surgery. I hired a nurse to pick me up after the surgery and take me back to my hotel. She stayed at the hotel for the next 5 hours while I slept. I had planned on having her pop in for 3 hours over the next few days to help me shower and eat etc... but I didn't need her at all! Turned out that that I never needed her again. It was good though to know that I could call her if I needed some help. I then had a friend fly down to Sydney to help me fly back home. I probably could have managed on my own - the only real trouble was lifting my bag.
  6. I am 1 year on tomorrow with my BA with Dr M. I was very happy with my surgery and my results. I travelled from Brisbane to Sydney on my own for the operation. ( left my 3 kids home with my husband) I hired a nurse expecting I'd need her for the first few days - however my recovery was so easy that I sent her home after 5 hours. Recovery was a breeze! Im very happy with my results however I do wish now that I went the next size up just to give me a more fuller look but at the time of surgery I was worried about going too big so we settled on the smaller size. Im one of the lucky ones who do think my breasts look amazing and natural. I am very happy with my result and I would recommend him to anyone looking for a natural / subtle look. I had great results however I have heard of other people who had surgery with Dr M within the 6-8 months of the time I had my surgery done who were not happy with their results. I know they avoided talking about it on these forums. Im not quite sure if they went on to have their issues addressed as he does ask patients to wait and see as it takes 8-12 months for the breasts to settle into the correct position.
  7. I am 50kg. 165cm I had natural c cups before I had kids. I got 295cc and now Im 10D. I love them.
  8. Hey guys!!! so tomorrow is my 1 year Anniversary!!! Cant believe 1 year ago the night before My op and I was in my hotel in Sydney feeling like a nervous wreck! Turns out it was the best thing I ever did! It has completely changed my life. Its been months since I've been on here - I thought I'd pop in and say Hi and let everyone Im doing great! Boobs look pretty much the same since 8 months. Although I do still wish I went to 330cc. I just think they would have filled out the empty breasts I had better. But honestly I do love them. I have no regrets about getting them done - apart from maybe the size. I will probably get a revision around the 5 year mark. How is everyone else going?
  9. hi, Im 165cm and 49kg. I got 295cc 10 months ago and I wear a 10D bra. I find the size perfect on my frame although I think I could have easily gone up to 330 - 350 and still looked good.
  10. Hi. You can go through my old posts. I had a BA done by Dr M last Oct and I flew down by myself from Brisbane. Happy to answer any questions.
  11. Hey Oct 16 girls. How is everyone going 8 months on. Im loving life with boobs. I feel so much more comfortable naked and in togs. Wish sometimes they looked bigger in clothes but overall im pretty happy.
  12. I'm 6 months and they are not " jiggling " yet
  13. Good luck with your op with Dr M. The meriton is a perfect location. Just up the road from hospital and his office.
  14. You can get a tablet called Primulot which can delay your period. You take it 3 days before your period is due and keep taking it until you want your period to come. I did this the month before my BA and delayed my period for 10 days. That way the month of my BA my period came 10 days later.
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