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    Looking into my options on have my mummy make over (TT and BA) This is the year I plan on doing it. Keep putting it off due to cost. I am 38 and have had 4 children so my body is in desperate need of help. I am 149 cm very petite and only weight approx. 42kg. so very very sick of people asking me if I'm pregnant cause of my tummy

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  1. Hope all went well today I arive on the 28th late though, haven't been on this site for awhile I am super nervous now
  2. I am very soon leave Thursday how did you go @Shlz
  3. Hi @Nataliesale my surgery is on the 30th of July with Dr pornthep having TT and BA so I will be there roughly the same time as you, I am very excited plus getting nervous at the same time. When early August is your surgery - I was trying to get the first of August but they book me in for the 30th of july been such a mission to organize time off.
  4. @MrsA end of may is really close - exciting, I have been waiting for along time as well, it is all that I can focus on now. who are you flying with ? I still need to book my flights, but keep holding off as I am bit scared of flying, I think i'm more nervous about that
  5. No but I will email them tomorrow ? thanks for letting me know
  6. Super exciting ladies my surgery date is the 30th of July with doctor Pornthep - I am excited and nervous cause I have never been overseas - I too haven't found anything bad on him so I am pretty sure we will be in safe hands all the best with surgery keep us posted ?
  7. @nirosia how did your surgery go ?after my tummy tuck thinking about Dr Montien to have my bump removed from my nose.
  8. I have just paid my deposit through cosmeditour with dr Pornthep thinking on having surgery at the end of july.
  9. @Hayleysangels just paid my deposit with cosmeditour, however not sure when I am going to go thinking end of july
  10. My Quote through Cosmeditour is approx. $11500 for BA and Tummy tuck however I don't think it includes muscle repair ( I don't need a breast lift) but I'am going tear drop shape implants which are a little bit more expensive. Planning to pay the deposit before the end of Feb
  11. @Hayleysangels OMG so happy for you so glad you are recovering well and having a great time over in Bangkok. I have been following you on the forum to help me make my final decision on if I should have it done in Bangkok through Cosmeditour or here in Australia. So far I haven't found any reason why I shouldn't do it over there. The only thing I afraid off is the flight and it will be my first time overseas, so I think I am more nervous about that.
  12. @Kihafu what surgeon are you using, does that include hospital stay ?
  13. @‌Hayleysangels I am glad to hear you are doing fine and are on the mend. How come you ended up in icu was there complications. Looking forward to here how you are progressing with your next updated. Take care Miss EB
  14. I was quoted 13500 from one surgeon and 18500 from another for TT, On the Gold Coast, also looking into Thailand for both BA and TT for 12500
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