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  1. do you know what her revision was for?
  2. Does anyone follow Abby Dowse on social media and know who her surgeon was? Or Hannah Polites?
  3. Who are you seeing for your revision? Who did your initial surgery? Thanks!
  4. Thanks for the replies. I'll be having revision surgery, at no cost. Hopefully all goes well :)
  5. Thanks for the tip about the Q&A section. I'll look at Real Self too.
  6. I just don't feel like I understand enough to go into my next appointment. I'm hoping to get some more information about what I should have expected, or what may have gone wrong, or what should have been done initially. But mostly I'm so sad about the time it's going to take to feel happy about them
  7. unfortunately I'm pretty sure in his paperwork it did say revisions will have a price.
  8. So how do I push that it is his error? My GP has given me a form to get an ultrasound. Maybe that will be useful to see if they are positioned correctly. Possibility in the fact that he said we would discuss it properly/options at my 6month PO appointment.
  9. I am 4months PO. I was advised that I didn't require a lift. I had 450cc round implants placed under the muscle. I am unhappy with my breasts at this point. My original surgeon has suggested the possibility of a revision- to make the pocket larger on my right, and stitch up the left. I'm just chasing some other opinions. (Please be kind so I don't cry!) Should I seek another opinion from a different surgeon? I know my left starting out is droopier so I'm wondering if my surgeon has made an error in not placing the implant high enough especially considering I was told I didn't need a lift. Any thoughts or advice?
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