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  1. It was about 4-6 months for me. Now getting close to a year post op...and they feel like mine and how they always should have been ?
  2. Whenever I am not feeling 100% happy with my results, I just look at my before photo. ?
  3. I would go minimum 400. I am 163cm and 54kg. Was a small B and got 470 & 495. A 12DD now. They are really not too big at all, in a tshirt they are barely noticeable. Good luck with your decision...
  4. It is so difficult to be patient...but try and give it some time before you make any final assessment. ?
  5. I think you will be happy with your final results. Are you very slim?
  6. What size were you prior? And what size implant did you have?
  7. How long before you start trying for kids? And how many would you like to have?
  8. And you will probably have nice big boobs when you are pregnant and if you breastfeed anyway....
  9. Didn't use them...but would have no issue if my husband did.
  10. Why are these posts not deleted quickly?
  11. 4 and a bit months post surgery - love the size! 163cm, 12b (ish) pre surgery and about 53kg and got 470 & 495 round XHP. Was so worried about being too big...but really not that noticeable at all...
  12. @Bellaaa I got mine from Catch of the Day. However I don't really wear thin strapped singlets so might be harder for you to find one...
  13. I am boring and wear a bra 24/7. However they are mostly super comfy playtex ones.
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