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  1. Awesome @melly-jade! Do you know what size you're hoping to get??
  2. @PrettyInBlack just a little update. I went bra shopping today and bought a berli bra 12DD, fit perfectly... sizes are weird...
  3. @PrettyInBlack I went 460 & 520 cc. I was a weird size before. Barely a B cup but wore a C cup as I'm wide in the chest. I wear a 12E now, can wear DD but spilling a little out the top.
  4. I am 3 months post op with Dr R, I had 6 weeks off but that's because of my job. i couldn't lift my 16kg son properly for about 3/4 weeks, but then I was back doing normal exercise at 4 1/2 weeks. It changes fast.
  5. If you go over to Boobie Supplies and send her a message with your measurements Sarah (I think) will recommend a size for you. That's what I did and it fit perfectly. Also bought it from boobie supplies, very fast shipping
  6. @Laney79, I'm still wearing the soft lorna Jane one my ps had me wear my first week post op. It's really comfy, but I've always worn a soft bra to bed. Just feel more secure. Come summer I might be opting for one of those singlets with the shelf in them at the very least. But I'm too paranoid they'll drop too fast if I don't... @maybenewboobies I haven't had any new aches, did feel like I pulled something inside last week while trying to get my sports bra off.. Haha. But all good now...
  7. @maybenewboobies haha that makes more sense! I'm in Cairns, I'll be wearing more dresses when my little ones are a bit older. Where's h & m??
  8. @maybenewboobies wearing jeans in summer! Lucky you. I would collapse from heat exhaustion, lol. I'm trying to find cute flowy lower cut tops, less sticky when they are flowy..
  9. @Myturn mine definitely aren't 2.5cms small! I would guess maybe 5ish cms. I need to measure..
  10. @Myturn are you silicone or saline? That's awesome you have such small incisions!
  11. Nice @Myturn! I've only bought work ones so far... Whats everyone doing for their scars? I was given bio oil from my ps, and they gave me a set of silicone strips to try too. I like the idea of having something covering my incisions but don't want to buy them if it's a gimmick...
  12. @Teresa2182 I haven't had that, but I get a weird muscle twitch sometimes and I can flex them, that looks pretty weird! Haha. I had my first proper gym session on Tuesday, felt great! Only thing I couldn't do was push ups. Then did boxing today with no problems, well except for feeling like my cardio has completely disappeared!
  13. @maybenewboobies I have that bra too! It's so comfortable. I'm going to get another Your boobs have lovely shape too! My nipples are also lopsided with my boobs dropping at different times.. Very frustrating... I also bought that bra from bras and things! Oh my gosh so comfortable too! I'm loving the bra shopping! I measured at a 12E! ??
  14. @Teresa2182 I've read that Berlei make an amazing sports bra. Very very good bounce reduction. I'm going to try one on Monday. Im 5 weeks post op and just been cleared for any bra and all exercise. I'm soooo excited! I have no bras at all (except post op bras) so looking forward to shopping on Monday. Im very curious what size I'll be. I tired on a C cup today and it was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too small. Scared to measure! Ive added my scar pics too. I'd love to see how everyone else's scars are going too. I was told I can stop using the micropore tape and start the bio oil twice a day.
  15. Thanks @Myturn! I spent ages looking but got frustrated.. Haha. @maybenewboobies I'm half sleeping on my side, just to give my back a break. I have a paranoia my boobs will be different shapes if I'm only leaning on one side... Haha. My sensitivity is all over the shop, but I haven't paid enough attention to see if it's come and gone.
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