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  1. My progress pic. Hope you are all feeling happy and well for those that have their new boobies but also the very best wishes to all of you girls still to take the plunge. My insta name is @blondiva_ba_0616 if anyone wants to see more pics.
  2. My hats off to you @Mummaof7 I only have one, 17 month old and that is difficult enough. And yes you look fab! Sucked in tummy or not x
  3. I left my toes with shellac Colour on them and I had French acrylics on my fingers as they can see through that and it was all fine but you may want to check with your surgeon in case they are more strict. Good luck x
  4. Oh no @Emilyy I'm really sorry to hear you're in hospital. Wishing you well and out of there asap. Keep us posted on how you go x
  5. I'm PO day 8 and I have had the best experience with Dr R he reassured me and showed me pics and invited me back if I still wasn't completely sure. I found the thought of it all terrifying (when it is only days to moments before happening) and he was so professional yet down to earth. He really makes you feel comfortable and you know you're in the best hands. I've got a way to go yet for my final results but am a happy girl so far ?
  6. Hope you found something more supportive and comfy? Last thing you need is extra pain/discomfort. I actually asked this very question a month or so ago prior to my BA as a girl in Dr R's waiting room said she hadn't found it supportive enough and I was worried about it. It turns out for me I def wouldn't have wanted anything any tighter than the soft LJ one Dr R provides. I've now got my actual post op bra with much more support and it's fine now but I'd have hated it early on. My point is that I think it's going to be an individual preference of what's going to feel better to you. Each PS also have different ways regarding the PO bra, strapping, massage etc.
  7. I ended up going with 360cc HP Round. I think I saw on insta you went with 360/390? I hope your kids are being helpful or at least self sufficient so you can heal? I know it must already seem an eternity for them. Ice is def a real godsend. You poor thing, sounds like you had one of those nasty days. It's weird cos the pain/discomfort kind of moves around or is more prominent in different areas each day hey. Im pretty good but still get morning boob and I'm just so damn tired all the time. Anybody else feel like this?
  8. Bummer, stupid car. Hopefully it's not as costly as you first thought. It's great they were so accommodating though. I'm feeling pretty good now thanks especially in comparison to the day 3/4. Swelling is now moving downward. Off all the meds but have mersyndol on hand in case I need pain relief, a bit of help to sleep or some muscle relaxing. Just tired, sooooo tired. I'm turning 40 this year so I'm not a spring chicken but geez I'm surprised at how exhausted I feel. How are you feeling now? How's the swelling?
  9. Oh no @Mummaof7 that sounds like a crappy start to the day. Hope your cars not gona cost a set of boobs to get fixed. Yay it's all done ? What size did you go? How are you feeling now?
  10. I'm so glad to hear you're now alright. Sounds like a really crappy rollercoaster you've been on. Like you I found day 1 and 2 easy then on Day 3 and 4 I was scouring everywhere on the net to find if a hideous onset of pain was normal or not. I know everyone's recovery is different but if the extra pain on day 3/4 thing is that common I wish more people would be open about it so you know what to expect as common/normal. Maybe I just wasn't looking in the right places. OMG that is really scary. You must be so pleased to have them out. How are you feeling now? @Kat86 how are you feeling?
  11. I had an easy day 1 and 2. I've had the dreaded day 3 and day 4 but here on day 5 I've turned a corner. Yayyyy. It's a wee bit of a rollercoaster so hang on for the ride. All worth it of course. You're in great hands with Dr R. He was very professional and reassuring. @Melicass you will do great. Just remember the end result, think of being in your fave bikini in summer with brand new gorgeous boobs ?
  12. Best wishes to our next boobie friends going in @Emjai101, @Mummaof7, @Katiesuzannah12, @Nicolelocin214, @Melicass and @Alip6. Thinking of you all. Looking forward to hear from you on the other side x
  13. Oh no after psyching yourself up that's no good it was postponed. Will be thinking of you on Wednesday instead ?
  14. Wishing you the best for tomorrow @Emjai101 ? Bring on the new boobies x
  15. That's great. Your bad day must've been a day early. Have you had much of a change in your swelling? Yes I have been to the toilet thankfully. Try the coloxyl they gave us and pear juice (pear juice is what they give old people in hospital that are on a lot of medication to get help them use the toilet). Has to be the pure pear juice in the tin though.
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