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  1. Go on the 14th of Aug with me hahaha im booked with dr narupon
  2. Book it for the 14th when im there ?
  3. As if there isn't anymore August girls?! ?
  4. https://www.aldi.com.au/en/special-buys/special-buys-sat-16-apr/saturday-detail-wk15/ps/p/memory-foam-wedge-cushion/
  5. I'm getting my BA in Phuket as I'm going by myself and would rather pay the extra as I've never travelled on my own. I think it'll be good because it's at PPSI (not going through an agent) who organise all transfers from the airport to the hotel and hospital for free, a lot more like a holiday with the beaches and there are a lot of tourists there so I won't feel so lost hahaha
  6. I've requested a surgical recommendation with Dr Narupon as I have heard he's not very conservative, just noticed he'll be your surgeon, can I ask why you're going with him? I'm an A cup on good days and wanting 450cc hp hoping to get a nice DD cup. Will you be traveling alone?
  7. Hey Girls, I bit the bullet, not having anyone available to come with me, I just booked tickets to travel to Phuket on my lonesome from Aug 12th - Aug 21st. So if there's any August girls please holla at me, the company would be greatly appreciated! Just waiting to hear back from PPIAC, as I am organising it directly with them. THE EXCITEMENT IS REAL!
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