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    Sydney NSW
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    Breast augmentation
    rhino plasty
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    BA and Rhino plasty at 4:30pm on Wednesday the 5th september 2012 at Bumrungrad Dr Arthi Kruavit
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    Before 10AA/A

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  1. hi did you go to that dr in thai as bumrungrad said suggested him to me thanks [if your still around] lol

  2. Hey babe, Thank you for your reply. It helps heaps im uploading pics now. 8 days to go YAY Add me as a friend gals
  3. Hi hun, how did you go?? My surgery is in 9 days
  4. Hi ladys, Question 1, how do I load photos, I want to put up B4 and After pics. Q2 has any1 used Dr Arthi Kruavit?? I cant find any youtube vids or photos or any other patients of his?? Please help Getting worried. Zara <a href="http://www.TickerFactory.com/"> <img border="0" src=" "></a>
  5. Lol Id say WAX but i had this delema, and I was lazy so I shaved lol
  6. Hi Gals, Im getting BA and rhinoplasty on the 5th of september

  7. Hi babe, My names Zara, scared, yes excited YES I also booked in January. Ill be at Bumrungrad from the 3rd of September Surgery is on the 5th with Dr. Arthi Kruavit. Im getting BA and rhinoplasty for cosmetic and breathing reasons. Is any1 else going at this time??? When is your surgery
  8. Hello, OOO im so excited for you, don't be nervous sweetie, good luck I get my babies in September
  9. Hello Ladies, Ill be getting Breast Aug and rhino plasty at bumrungrad around the 4th of September this year (2012) Is anyone else going to be there or has any one been to bumrungrad that can share some advice? I still havent picked a DR !!!!!! Thank you MWAHHH 41days to go ... so so excited My 1st eva over seas holiday
  10. Hello Hun, Im also having the same problem, ill be arriving in thailand on the 3rd of september and hopefully in surgery for breast aug rhino plasty on the 4th at bumrungrad. All I can say is research, you tube has helped me, im researching DR Montien and DR komwit at the moment http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MWM6DY1AEA I found this DR relaxed me about stuff to Its so hard to choose, I still havent. When are you going? Zara
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