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  1. Hi Elle, That great to hear all is going well. I finally took the tape off and looked at my scars (Dr P tried to show me but I was too scared to look) they are quiet small and over time will heal nicely I think. :-) I saw your before and after pics (they look great) and your end results looks very similar to mine i think bigger though (as I got only 300cc) Rachel gave me a 12B bra and I was sad thinking I was only a B and I wanted to be at least a C cup. I was at the shops yesterday and put a 12B up to them and it barely look like it was going to cover them. The C cup looked better. I will just have to wait until I can go shopping for some. I am happy to wear the bra Rachel gave me too (even though it is very grandma like LOL). Glad to hear all is going well since the surgery. Feels like forever ago and was only a few weeks. :-) xx