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  1. HI Elle, Thanks, I am stoked! The didnt want to see the scars at the hospital so I didnt look. Than I had to take the tape off myself I was so nervous & didnt want to look. I had to bring myself to look at them. Suprisingly I was stoked. I think I figured they would look horrible but they didnt. I was wondering when it is okay to your stuff on the scars. I was going to get some Bio oil or something along those lines. I have Bapatham cream so maybe I will just use that for now. I bras I brought where 12c and one 10c I hope that they stay that size I dont want them to go down. I will be sad face if that happens. I tried a few B cups on and my boobs looked like they were going to explode. Hopefully they stay a C cup so then I will be happy. Rachel gave me a 32B not a 12B like i wrote below. It does feel like forever, glad to here you are well also. Rachel is at the Women Expo in Perth this weekend. Dont know if that is near you but Serenety is heading there Sunday I believe. :-) xx