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    350cc mod overs on March 12th
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    Peter Haertsch 12th March 2016
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    12b i think? Or A... Wanting to be at least a D or DD
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    Fulltime Mum
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    Good health and my kids

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  1. I wear a bra 24/7.. Crop top to bed at night that holds them in nice and tight. I'm worried about them sagging so I'm trying to make sure that doesn't happen.. I'm actually quite comfortable always wearing a bra or crop top.. I'd feel weird not wearing it..
  2. Wow they look awesome I'm jealous lol
  3. I am 52kg 163cm tall I went with 350cc mod profile overs!! They suit my frame perfectly.. When I have clothes on, u don't even notice I've had a BA. When my clothes are off they are absolutely perfect for my frame. And look so natural. Hope this helps
  4. Yes I would like to know why you hate your overs as well.. I have overs I like mine, just curious about your situations
  5. Yep you will love the overs.. Go for it ?
  6. Hello ? You probably have had your operation by now.. But I had 350cc mod profile OVERS and omg I love them!! Recovery was easy, 2nd day just neurfen. I'm now 14 weeks post op. My have settled into place nicely. My PS also told me to go with overs I was hesitant but now so happy I went with his advise. I too am worried about early sagging but I think if they are not too big, it shouldn't be too bad, I hope :/ I still wear my post op bra to bed everynight, I love it, I find it really comfortable.. Anyways good luck with everything here are some pics of how mine look before and now Now
  7. I had a plastic surgeon total cost was $6500.00 consultation & post op bra included.. His name is Dr Peter Haertsch from Epping (Syd) very experienced and my results are fantastic. I'm so glad I found him. Don't use a cosmetic surgeon, it's way too risky..
  8. I was just reading your story, sorry to hear that you are so upset about them, then I scrolled down to your pictures and wow they don't look that bad!! Mine aren't completley perfect either.. When I take pictures of mine I look at the pictures and they look alittle wrong, so I try not to worry about taking pictures too much because I start to worry... Hope u start feeling better soon xx
  9. I started out a deflated 10B I got 350cc mod profile overs and just got measured in am now a 10E I'm very happy ?
  10. With the pain the next day is not bad at all, youll see ?
  11. Oh wow u must be excited or mabye even already done.. Lol its been 6 weeks now and i dont wish that i went bigger they are perfect. You will love having overs they are great!!
  12. Hi im just reading through what happened to you, sorry to hear. I really hope this some how gets sorted for you xx
  13. My Plastic Surgeon i paid $6500 all up.. Includes consultation, and post op bra. He was amazing.
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