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    Dr. Richard Rahdon 18th May 2016!!!
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  1. @TommysGirl Richard Rahdon. I thought about it and it doesn't really make sense for it to be the corner of the implant.. because they're round? I saw Richard yesterday and I pointed it out but he said nothing, But he says I have a haematoma because I have quite a bit of bruising. But it doesn't need to be operated on because I'm still on the incline of my healing process and nothing has gotten worse, just have bruising.
  2. I'm 8 days PO today, keep the pics coming guys I love seeing how different everyone looks! I have HEAPS of bruising underneath my lefty, (your right) Which in the pic you can tell how much higher up and a bit more swollen it is. Going to see Richard tomorrow, so worried that I could possibly be bleeding so I have to go back and he said if I have a hematoma I may have to go back in surgery :"( Surgery for me was really painful and nauseating. But my under boob is purple hopefully its not that serious though.. who would of thought i'd be going stir crazy over a bruise!!also in the middle of my cleavage on the right side I can feel almost like the corner of the implant and it's super sore to touch? More so than any other part of my boobs. Does anyone know anything about that?>?
  3. Yeah so the money you are quoted from body recon after your consult is your "out of pocket" quote, meaning thats how much you will end up paying AFTER your private health gives you some of the money back after the surgery. So I was quoted : $6,750 - Body Recon $1,600 - Hospital $1,450 - Anaesthetist But I had to pay : $6,750 - Body Recon $2,100 - Hospital $1,600 - Anaesthetist I thought that was weird because I never was entitled to any sort of medicare rebate or government payments, but that's what I was told. Anyway my overall experience with Richard and Body Recon was good. I went in for my first consult mid March. Richard was thorough and explained everything so much so that I didn't even have questions afterwards. I was always hoping for big implants, but I'm quite slim and I have a broad shoulders, and my cleavage was already really close, so he said he was going to go in between 400-450cc and that was the max we could go without my cleavage touching. So I booked ASAP which was for the 18th May which was good because I wanted it to be during Winter. Anyway after two months of waiting, my surgery day came, I was due for surgery at 10am. Didn't get into actual surgery until about 12 or 1 but I got to wait with my boyfriend for the most part. I woke up feeling heavy and tight. I had trouble breathing, I had a sharp feeling when ever I took a breath in. I told the nurse and they gave me two endone and a panadol. But the endone made me so sick for about half an hour. I felt as if I was on the brink of vomiting, so they gave me some nausea medicine and something other pain medicine through the thing in my hand. I felt a touch better and they were really attentive to me and my needs. My boyfriend came in to get me, it took me a while to come around and be able to keep my eyes open. Recovery that night was rough for me as I am prone to nausea already, so I couldn't eat, sleep or walk without feeling like I'm going to throw up everywhere and on top of that I was having hot flushes. We made our way back to the hotel and I had a 2 hour sleep. I'm a side sleeper, so sleeping on my back and upright was terrible for me. The next day I saw Richard. I was still feeling sick and SOOOO sore, but he inspected me and then he mentioned he put in the 425cc and it pushed my cleavage completely together so he used the 400cc. At first I was a little disappointed because I wanted the biggest, but I'm pretty stoked on the outcome so far (My boyfriend says they're huge but I don't think so!) The first few days (even now) my left is swollen and my right almost has no swelling, which is frustrating haha. I feel uneven. But even 7 days PO I'm still quite swollen and have heaps of bruising underneath my boobs. I attached some photo's. First one is 2 days PO. Second is 5 days PO and last is today (1 week PO) As you can see ones so much bigger than the other haah
  4. This has happened to me the past 5 days! I wouldn't worry either!
  5. Hi gals. I just had my BA with Richard a week ago, he was great! Everyone there was great! Just be careful about the quotes. I was quoted about $6,700 to BodyRecon, $1,200 for the anaesthetist and $1,600 for the hospital. But turns out that that is just the quote for the out of pocket expenses. So I ended up having to front $1,400 for the anaesthetist and $2,100 for the hospital!!! The hospital was the one that annoyed me the most, it was just over $500 more than what I was quoted. I was annoyed because I took out a loan for the exact amount I was quoted but had to come up with more because it doesn't include the actual figure you have to front. It's definitely worth it, I just would of liked to know about this before I got it done and not 2 days before I had to pay!
  6. My boyfriend got a bit anxious about it, in a "you'll have nice boobs and you'll get heaps of attention and you'll find someone better than me" kinda way. But now that I have them he loves them. I just needed to reassure him that it's going to be better for me and us, because I'm going to have way more confidence in myself which is something I've always struggled with. And now I can stop my whole mindset of "that girl looks better than me, he probably wants me to look like her". We are both working on some stuff, but it's going to be good for us i think
  7. I saw Dr.Rahdon yesterday (1 week post OP but I had to have stitches out because of a mole he took out whilst I was under) And I had to walk from the station to the appointment (all up about an hour of walking) and my back is KILLING me this morning. I'm wandering if the two come hand in hand and if its because I overdid it with the walking ? Also last night was the first night I was allowed to sleep on my back and not upright. ??? And my lefty is much higher and firmer and I'm starting to worry that it's going to stay uneven Anyone else had this happen? congrats @Cornflakegirl21 you look great! they really suit your body! I'm 1 week post op and got told yesterday I could sleep on my back! How are yours coming along?? Have they dropped yet?
  8. Swollen or not I am loving my cleavage!! 4 days post OP and feeling better each day Goodluck @Cornflakegirl21 for tomorrow!! and congrats @Bushlander we have the same size
  9. Thanks gurl I know its driving me bananas hahah! I went 400cc, I was meant to be getting 425 - 450 cc (which I was sooo excited for) but he said it just wouldnt fit, I am thinking he had put one 425/450cc in during surgery and thought well this isnt gonna fit! So took it out and put the 400's in, maybe thats why one side is ridiculously big!! But really thats just a theory haha you're probably right. I'm feeling okay today, its just the morning that kills me, and the wait until the panadol kicks in. I'm only taking Endone in halfs at the moment because I'm super prone to nausea. Cant wait til the soften and drop!!!
  10. Hey guys. I'm day 2 post op here. The compression bra I've been given is irritating just one of my incisions (funny that it's my right incision, when my lefty is the only one thats swollen) I would tough it out but it's to the point where I just want to plain old CRY because of how irritating and how sore and itchy it's feeling because the bra is pressing against it so hard. I sent an email asking what I can do and if I can use the white bra that I was given too, but was just told to undo the bottom clip but that isn't sufficing. I've just had a shower and put the white bra on and had some relief. I just wanted to know if anyone knew if its absolute requirement for you to wear the compression bra and for how many days?? Thanks for listening to my rant haha
  11. goodluck bushlander! Finally instead of reading about it, its all happening for us! I feel heaps better today, like imeauxxx said, I have been mobile slowly walking around the house and that makes me feel 10x better than laying in bed/ on the couch. Except for that feeling you get from sitting up, like all the blood rushes to them haha
  12. Hi gals. I've just arrived home and am INCREDIBLEY SORE. I have so much swelling only on the left side so I look so funny haha. Sleep was almost impossible last night. As soon as I woke up from the op I had trouble breathing, like a super sharp pain every time I inhaled so they gave me panadol/endone/ something else. But the Endone killed me as I'm very prone to nausea (I get motion sickness from video games, do you believe that??) As soon as I woke up from the anesthesia I had hot flushes, sweating and felt vomit coming on. And that happens every time I go from laying down to sitting/standing up. I was NOT prepared for how shitty I feel right now, I couldn't even bare to take pictures yet, I'll try when I have a shower tonight. I am so envious of all the girls who didn't have to go through all this kind of pain and wake up feeling great! Holy moly @Miss Rose you look GREAT!
  13. My arrival time is 10am tomorrow and I'm starting to feel sick and nervous about it!! Ahhhhh. Gonna take some before pics, pack my bags and get up at 6am tomorrow for the drive to Geelong. Everyones boobies are looking so good I'd be stoked if I got any results close to you all!
  14. Richard decided to go with 450cc ! Am so happy! Haha. I tried on 300, 350 and 450. I of course liked the 450's. My boyfriend was like 'TOO BIG'. I dont have small boobs, I'm a 10C atm, so I want to be big! Plus I have wide hips so I felt so much in proportion. And I, like most gals on here, don't want to spend allllllll this money on going 'too small' @MissJulie My nerves haven't sunk in yet! They will only sink in when I arrive at the hospital I think. And when my boyfriend leaves me I will be absolutely terrified haha. I have never been put under anesthetic before.. I haven't done ANY prep. I'm doing food prep the day before, and my boyfriend has the next few days off to look after me Are we allowed to take vitamin C? I have been taking one every morning out of habit, and the other day I just froze and realized oh fu** am I allowed to take these?! So I stopped, that was when I was 7 days away from surgery. :/
  15. @MissJulie I know!! 6 days today, so nervous. I'm more nervous as to how much time off gym I have to take. I feel like I gain weight real quick But I guess I just need to enjoy my time off. Haven't told work I'm getting this done (haven't been working there long enough to feel comfortable telling them.. hoping the wont notice LOL who am I kidding????) @Miss Rose good luck today!! @Hannabee92 You're up next!!
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