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    Breast Augmentation :) Hoping for a 12 D at least

    400cc - high profile - under the muscle - Mentor round textured
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    Dr Narupon - 3/01/2017 - PPSI
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    168cm 66kg | pre op 12 B | post op 12 DD

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  1. Hi everyone, It has almost been a year since my surgery and I am currently on holiday in Cusco, Peru. Ever since I got here I have notice weird gurgling sounds similar to the ones that happened through early recovery of my surgery where the fluid and the likes was being re-ubsorbed. Cusco is about 3400 metres above seas level and I will be staying here for another 5 days and I would like to know if anyone else has had the same experience or is this something I should be worrying about? - Thanks
  2. Hi, I had just a straight forward BA with Dr Narupon at PPSI. I don't have really any major issues and the whole experience was amazing. I would recommend him and the hospital to all my friends
  3. I was going with a group of friends and I was the only one getting surgery so I just went through the hospital. I found it easy enough, just told them what doctor I wanted and when I wanted surgery and they figured the rest out for me. I had absolutely no problems when I was over there, they picked us all up from the airport and myself from the hotel and back. I just didn't see the reason to go through a travel company and spend more money than I needed to if I could do it myself. I know some girls feel more confident going through a company and especially if I was going by myself I would for the extra support. Also they answer their emails very well so when I've had pre op and post op concerns thy have been answered or at least replied too on the same day. Hope this helps! ?
  4. Thanks everyone for your kind words! I'm still unsure but this pic makes it a little more obvious that my right is lower
  5. @Kaleidoscope_Eyes thanks! I'm almost 9 weeks now and I was a small b pre op, no major weight loss and my implants were dual plane as my muscles didn't cover them fully enough for them to be 'under the muscle'. it is still early days and I actually kind of like the right one better (the one I'm thinking has bottomed out) I'm just worried that the left won't turn out the same or the right might get worse ? My initial worry was that the incision won't be hidden under the fold.
  6. Hi, so for a couple of weeks I've noticed that my right breast implant has been sitting lower than my left and I just chalked it up to dropping faster. But this week I've started to think it's more bottoming out as the nipple is rising as well as the incision is not exactly on the crease. I've emailed my doctor and am just waiting on a response. I will be really bummed if it's bottoming out ?
  7. Hey, I paid $4,666. It was at the time the best exchange I could get and that included absolutely everything to do with the surgery, minus the extra insurance I got. ? Hi, I booked through the hospital and found it very easy. I just booked my own flights and accomodation, I was going with fiends. Then told the hospital and they organised our pick ups from the airport and to the hospital. Very easy, didn't see the need to pay extra for someone else to do it for me ?
  8. Holly101

    Jan group

    @Theloveofa I was told not to do any heavy lifting of the chest/arms for 8 weeks, so I've just been doing legs and cardio. Not too sure on yoga, I've only just become comfortable properly sleeping on my side/stomach and stretching my chest at 7 weeks po.
  9. Holly101

    Jan group

    they don't really do much but look pretty. The underwire isn't to bad, but after a couple of hours my incisions do ache a bit
  10. Holly101

    Jan group

    @Maira cotton on! They have a good scelection there that go up to about an E cup! I couldn't see the exact same one but I got this one in black
  11. Holly101

    Jan group

    Thanks @Theloveofa. I got 400cc hp, I have a wide chest so I think they are a perfect fit. I started off as a 12B and couldn't actually believe how flat I was looking back on photo's! I have got the the same problem a little with the filling out at the bottom as one of my boobs is dropping faster. I think these bras are good as they are just soft lace and don't really have a formed cup as such, so it can instead mould around my boobs ?
  12. Holly101

    Jan group

    So I got a bit carried away at the shops today ? I'm only 4 and a half weeks post op but couldn't help myself! They are fitting a 12 DD to E and I pray to god that they don't get any bigger after they d&f. And I don't even think they look that big either!
  13. Holly101

    Jan group

    @cheetah mine were slightly, like the tiniest amount different. But as mine are also dropping at different rates one does look a lot bigger to me. I've asked other people and they said they can't notice it so it's probably just because we look at them 24/7 ? I did have one nipple that was half a cm off from the other so when I look at mine that's all I can see! Totally know the feels
  14. Thanks @NJoy! That's so great to hear! Yeah, he was kinda the same that he didn't really care why I did it as he says that boobs are just boobs and if that's what you want to do than it's your money and your body. Such a relief as every time I talked to to him I was always stressing about it ?. Anyway, I hope things go well for when your guy returns ? Have fun!
  15. Update: He knows! So we were on the phone for a while and we just got to talking about plastic surgery and stuff and then I just decided to tell him and he doesn't care! Woohoo! Now just to figure out if he's a really invested f*** boy ?
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