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  1. this guy keeps you awake during surgery and the NSW medical board issued him with a cease and desist notice so he moved to QLD
  2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4943898/Woman-s-horror-boob-job-unqualified-Dr-Les-Blackstock.html I have been reading heaps of these stories in the paper lately - how crazy. Can you imagine being awake for surgery She also told A Current Affair Dr Blackstock kept her awake during the surgery, even asking her to check his progress half way through. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4943898/Woman-s-horror-boob-job-unqualified-Dr-Les-Blackstock.html#ixzz4uUnjF3Rj Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook
  3. you will be fine. I had revision and it wasnt bad at all.
  4. Dr Miroshnik did my friends boobs and in my opinion they look terrible, out to her shoulders and she had to pay for revision elsewhere because he kept saying wait and she felt unsupported. He has also been sued for bad care, you can read about it on google.
  5. If you are going to upsize you should consider Dr Tavakoli. I flew from interstate to see him and I also have the internal bra. Mine is permanent and will last forever. Dr Tavakoli is the revision guru. I've seen people travel from as far as South America and Europe for revision surgery. Dr M also does nice work but I have never seen any of his revision work and from what I know of this industry it is not what he is known for.
  6. I think Dr Tavakoli is the best plastic surgeon for revision breast surgery - i travelled to Sydney from Melbourne for my surgery and could not be happier PM if you have any questions. I have friends who work in this industry and he is very well regarded for his work. I know I could not be happier. Revision surgery is so much harder in my opinion because it you have already experienced the devastation and disappointment by not getting the results you hoped for the first time
  7. what is the projection of your implant? I disagree with the others, 615cc is not a small implant and there are risks associated with going bigger - you have more chance of bottoming out etc. With all that said, a surgeon usually wouldnt recommend an implant that would be unsuitable for your body, they usually are more conservative with their size recommendations so I am sure he has good reason to recommend this size to you Forget the number, did you try the implants on? How did they feel to you? Did they feel too big? Did you show your surgeon pictures of the 'look' you want to achieve? If yes then I would trust that the size they are recommending to you will be most likely to get you the look you want.
  8. Im a Dr T patient and I could not be happier. I am also from Melbourne and had my first augmentation done here. I had my surgery with a plastic surgeon here but my results were terrible. I have friends who work in this industry and was highly recommended to fly to Sydney and see Dr Tavakoli. I should add, I needed some serious work to fix my mess and although Dr T has a laid back funner personality on social media, he really is a seriously fantastic surgeon. I had fat grafting and an internal bra. PM if you want to see my pics. Good luck and if you are worried about flying up to Sydney for a consult dont be, you can do a pre consult first Good luck xx
  9. Check out Dr Tavakoli, he has changed my life. He is a perfectionist and does amazing breasts, especially breast lift and implants
  10. I really found comfort in my post op bra and honestly would have felt uncomfortable without it at 10 days post op Have you asked your surgeon?
  11. If money is no issue and you really want the best of the best then you should look at Dr Tavakoli. When I had my surgery, there was another girl who was from the US who had travelled down for surgery with him. I am sure the poor Australian dollar meant it wasnt too expensive. I find self promotion not a good indicator of how good a surgeon is. I was very lucky to have close friends I trust who work in this industry and have worked closely with a lot of these surgeons, they all recommended Dr T to me.
  12. @Loredana, if you are having a second consultation then I would definitely recommend Dr T. Check out his instagram page, he is a breast genius, he nails the natural look and the enhanced look. I know he did Abby Dowse's breasts and she has an enhanced look. I flew from Melbourne to have revision surgery with him, I know he specialises in complex cases that alot of other surgeons cant do. Keep us updated with how you go
  13. Hi Pheonix, I recently underwent revision surgery with Dr Tavakoli. I travelled from Melbourne to Sydney to see him after having surgery in Melbourne. He came highly recommended to me from friends who work in this field who had a lot of opinions on other surgeons in Sydney but I must admit i did not hear any opinions on Dr Choy. I really do believe Dr Tavakoli is the best of the best. I would not worry about the glitz and glamour, thats just part of his personality and charm, when you have a consult with him you will understand. What you see is what you get, i found it quite refreshing. He was very down to earth, relatable and genuine. I never thought that I would be able to achieve normal looking breasts and Dr Tavakoli not only did that but exceeded my expectations and gave me amazing breasts - the breasts I envisioned the first time around. There is a reason people travel from all over for surgery with him. I never saw Dr Choy so I cant make any comment on his surgery abilities but also I wouldnt place too much on the reviews online - its always better to talk to people and ask questions etc Feel free to PM and I will happily answer any questions that you have
  14. My friend has nagor implants with Dr M but this was a few years ago. She isn't happy with her boobs anymore and is getting them redone soon. She had the internal bra but it isn't permanent. I think the stitches dissolve at about 12 months post op. Maybe Dr M only uses the mentor implants now. This is what I have and they are great. I don't think a proper internal bra (I.e with the permanent barbed sutures) are common for standard breast augmentations. I have this kind of internal bra but I was a revision case and it didn't hurt anymore then the initial surgery.
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