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    Dr Pongsatorn probably. Around Oct/Nov 2012
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    168cms/ 55kgs/ currently a 10b/c
  1. Hi Girl, I had a straight BA in Nov last year with Dr Jib and was thrilled with the results and still am. My Mum is now thinking of going over to have her boobs done with him too but I know she will need a lift with implants as well as she has a lot of sag! Can anyone who has had this done at Bangkok Hospital Phuket let me know how much it ended up costing them?? I have emailed Mark but havent heard back yet and just wanted to give mum an idea on how much it will be. Thanks in advance!
  2. I think every surgeon will definately have their own opinion on this but i was told i was ok to use them at day 10 post op as all the scabs were well and truly gone. i have been using rose hip oil which i also use as an under eye cream at night because i prefer more natural things over too many additives in some products.... my scars are looking really good so im thinking its working!
  3. Just sent u a FR hope u dont mind!
  4. *gone not hones! Damn auto correct!
  5. Omg my left started doing that too on around the 2 week post op stage only lasted a few days and hasn't happened since but I kept feeling like it was going to somehow fall out of my nipple! It was the weirdest yuckiest feeling so glad it's hones every time I moved I was scared I would feel it again and again haha hopefully it stops soon for u!
  6. I think when u compare to other girls even with the exact same implants and size it can be soo deceiving and make u worry more or feel worse. I know it's hard not to compare but I think we really should try to only compare with our befores and then our afters. I see some girls with 375 on here which I got and some huge! Some look a lot smaller than mine, some seem to have a lot more projection than I do... Everyone is really different... But nearly everyone on here seems to say just how much they change in the days n weeks post op so we all just have to be patient even tho it's hard sometimes! Keep us updated good luck
  7. Just sent u one too. I have smooth rounds not brazillians so not sure about them but I'm 3 weeks post op and mine have changed quite a bit. I didn't think they would coz they were never super high like some but they have moved in closer together and kind of rounded out or something. My fiancé reckons they looked a little bit like boobs on steroids at the start haha. I'm sure they will be ok give it a few weeks at least try not to worry
  8. are those people close friends? i've told some of my family, hubby's family, a couple of close friends and people at work.... other than that, i'm not sure who else i would tell, i know there are a couple of "friends" who would want to know everything about you and yet you don't really see them often!

  9. no havent let them know haha bit nosey if you ask me its none of their business really! i mean more like if i see people in person who im good friends with and they ask then of course i will tell them. that pic i am 6 days post op

  10. i can see that people are already asking you if you've had them done just by looking at your profile pic! have you let those people know via private message that yes you have!! so far so good, how many days post op are you in that pic?

  11. hey i havent got any pics on here coz i cant upload them from my iphone and havent got the net on at home and im defs not uploading them onto my work computer hahah. add me on facebook and u can look at my pics if u want? no topless ones on there obviously but u can get an idea of what the look like in the bikini pics. just dont write anything on my personal page or pics about them plz coz im not telling everyone unless i see them and they notice and ask me :)

  12. hi janine, i'm also a part of the new psf on fb... would love to see your pics.. hope you are healing ok!! :)

  13. im thinking i will start wearing them all the time, just did a bit of a search on here on all the old posts and there seems to be other girls that were told they could wear them as early as this as well so must just depend on the numbness and if they are sitting too high i suppose.. do u think if i could and get fitted this weekend my size will change much in the next few weeks/months? maybe i should just buy one or two bras in case the size does change.. even though i can tell they have dropped i havent noticed any "fluffing" that people talk about. do you think this happens to everyone or do some people stay the same size after the swelling has gone?
  14. Hi girls, needing some advice here please. had my ba in phuket with dr jib 2 weeks ago now - all went very smoothly, great recovery and cant fault him or the hospital at all. i had 375cc in my left and 350cc in my right, smooth unders mod profiles. At my 3 day check up he removed the bandages and they looked great, a bit of swelling but nothing crazy. I never had that really really high or square looking thing going on, just a bit too much side boob to begin with which by my 10 day check up was pretty much gone (still have good side boob but they seem to have moved in a bit closer together). They have also dropped to a good position now (wondering if this is soon to have "dropped") at two weeks??? Anyway.. at the 10 day appoitnment dr jib showed me how to massage etc and explained everything, he said i can wear any bra i like from then on and i said except underwires? and he said no you can wear underwires, but none with any padding or anything that will push them up until 6 weeks. Doing all my research and reading on here i just remember everyone saying they were allowed to wear underwires for at least 6 weeks it seemed to be? so im wondering if anyone has been told they could wear them this soon and whether they have and if it has been ok? i have had full feeling in my breasts and nipples pretty much right from the start and all the scabs etc on the incision were already gone by the 10 day post op appointment. i have worn an underwire (no padding) twice now for the whole day and it hasnt hurt my boobs or the incision area at all but im just worried about what the consequences could be... in saying that i like the position they are in at the moment and thought maybe by wearing the underwires it would stop them moving any further and keep them in the place they are in now. my gut says to go with what my surgeon is saying but i suppose im just confused and worried because everyone is told so many different things. any help would be really appreciated! thanks
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