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  1. Thank you for your input, i rung my surgeon an he said it was to early to tell an said it doesn't look like it has bottomed out an pretty much explained the same as what u have. I will watch it an hope it doesn't get worse or drop to much more. Good luck with your as well ?
  2. I wish it was a mark from the bra ? but no theres definitely something there. Really hoping it will go away. So worried about bottoming out hard.
  3. Hey ladies, i was just wondering if anyone has experienced bottoming out, im pretty concerned as ive just noticed what seems to be a double bubble, i am 8 weeks post op. Please help, has anyones ever fixed itself? Thank you
  4. I definitely dont have a temperature or it doesn't feel hot, its definitely flaky an ichy tho. Seems a little bit better today an it was the white tape that comes in a big square an it sticky on one side. I dont require tape any more thank goodness so just trying to air it out an keep up with the antibiotics to be safe. Thank ypu so much for your reply.
  5. Thank you so much ? ive been frantic about it big time.
  6. Yes i had tape for the six weeks changing it every week but on the 5th week i think some glue an stuff came off too as the tape had abot of gunk on it. Its a horrible thought to think it could be infected. Looks like a graze.
  7. Hi there, i was just wondering if any of you ladys have experienced this but i have a very ichy rash/infection maybe, i seen my ps an he gave me antibiotics an said see how i go, just wondering if anyone else has been thro this, im praying its nothing serious ?. It can be quite moist sometimes. Any feed back would be great. Thank you
  8. Hi there, I would definitely not go back within 3 to 4 days but I did get unders, its day 11 an im still in pain specially when I take a deep breath. Feels like someone is stabbing ur ribs. Definitely take more time off. What kind of job do you have?
  9. I haven't put them back in yet, to scared hahahaha. Think everything is just so stretched that I will give it abit of time unless its too late. I had a bit of a better day today thank goodness. Hopefully heading upwards from here. Xx Sorry got mixed up with replys hahahha. Maybe I do need the harder stuff hahaha. But yes my rib is Rediculous like being stabbed is the only way I can describe it . I think it is lessening tho, just cant enjoy them at the moment. Hope it gets better. Thank you all soooo much for your replys, I really appreciate it xxx
  10. I had sex 5 days post op an just took it really slow, just kike cruising in a bumpy car.
  11. Yes I have been icing an doing everything I can. They are still pretty swollen. I swear its just the enternal stitches that are giving me grief, just cant wait till they feel normal.
  12. Thank you so much. Its only been 5 days so I guess I should ease up an just try relax an recover. Got another week off work so fingers crossed will be fine by then. Thank you again xx
  13. Im off the pain meds because of toilet issues hahahaha an its just the whole rib situation thats killing me at the moment, I jist went to have a shower an when I took off my bra it did feel abit better but now noticed my nipple has bleed abit. It use to be pierced an seems to be coming fron there, strange. I will definitely contact him monday. Weird having a shower an feeling two hard rocks on ur chest.
  14. Thank you for your reply. If I didn't have the eternal stitches I would honestly be great. Thats the only part that is hurting so bad like broken ribs sitting on my lungs. When I breathe in its horrible. My compression bra may not help as its tight as, did u experience numbness as well? Thats an odd feeling.
  15. Hi there ladys, I had surgery on monday an the pain is still so intense, I got enternal stitches to stop them form bottoming out but it honestly feels like someone has stabbed me in the ribs so I cant breath properly or take a deep breath. Im at the regretting it stage at the moment. Has anyone experienced this? Thank you.
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