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    Furry Brazillian 360hp implants under the muscle. Hoping for a D Cup :)
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    Dr Mayson 27th Sep 2012
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  1. Hi guys for some reason when I log into the forum I cant see my photos or anyone elses on a comp or on a phone. Can some one help me with this?
  2. I got told to get 360cc by my surgeon. They look so small now and I dont like the shape. I will try Phuket instead. I am just wanting a really reputable surgeon is all.
  3. So i tried directly contacting the hospital in Thailand to see if i can get my BA revision done there because i am not happy with the size i got last year. send photos, filled out the medical forms, and then i got a reply saying that Dr. Piyapas can not give me the result i want. (which is just a bigger size and rounds) and that was it. no explanation why, i sent back asking why, the lady i was dealing with said she would send an email to ask, and i never heard back from her. there would have to be more than one surgeon that works there. and i don't understand why it was just a flat out no.
  4. hi girls! so for my BA back in Sept, my surgeon scared me out of going over to Thailand to get a BA. now i am thinking of revision surgery to go bigger, and looking into it again obviously because it's a lot cheaper to do. i am nervous because it is an over seas country. and would love to hear from the girls on here who went over what the experience was like. Were you happy with your results? only thing i would be worried about is they don't do Brazilians over there, and that is what i have now... not sure on what i would get yet. BUT if you have any suggestions, or comments,
  5. i am thinking of doing the exact same thing! but different surgeon
  6. Thanks Girls. i appreciate all your comments. yeah, i have looked at my pre op photos, and they are loads better than what i had. but i get no cleavage, they look small in all my clothes unless i wear big padded bras, and that wasn't the idea of getting implants! i don't really want to go back to him, i wanted to try Dr. Harwood, because he looks as though he gets such good results. i am thinking i should of got rounds too. and maybe 410 CC? i got 360s and there is no way that they look like they are plus they don't move like natural breasts do. i think that's because i got furry br
  7. Hi girls, so i am 10 months post op now, and now all of my swelling has gone down, i really am not happy with my result. not that my boobs turned out bad at all, it's just not the look i was after, and they are ALOT smaller now they have settled. and i am so upset. I don't know what to do. Does any one know of any one that has got there BA re done because of a reason like this? is it worth it? i really feel like my surgeon was really conservative, and because i had no idea what i was doing, went with what ever he said. he was also my only opinion. i never went to several different sur
  8. Thanks for all your replies girls. i think i have definately lost alot of my boob size due to weight loss. they defiantely don't look bigger. i am trying so hard to put weight on. because before implants when ever i put weight on my boobs would get quite alot bigger! i am really wanting to go a bigger size than what i got though. after all the swelling goes down and they settle, the 360's really aren't that big. but i just cant afford surgery again let alone the pain! lol
  9. Hi guys! wow it's been ages since i have been on here! seems like a lifetime ago! i was just wondering all your thoughts on weight loss. before my surgery, if i stressed and lost weight, the first place i would lose it would be my boobs! i hate it because i find it really difficult to put on weight! Do you think even with implants in, having the permanent size in all the time, could still make your boobs go down in size if you lost weight? give me your thoughts, because my boobs are definitely not the size they were. and i am 12 months post op in Sept! thanks Girls!
  10. oh they are getting there Sukii but still have a way to go yet!!
  11. Thanks girls for all your replies. don't know what i would do without this forum sometimes! it's helped me in so many ways! lol xx
  12. No implant is permanent, at some stage after getting them, you will need them replaced. it would depend on alot of factors, any complications etc.
  13. Hi girls, sorry, but i really need a vent! so i have obviously had my implants a little while now, and i didn't tell anyone other than my partner about my surgey, as i believe that it was my decision and my body, and i didn't want anyone to know about it. my sister has also had hers done about 10 years ago now, and has just clicked on since being down the beach during summer that she thinks i have also had my done, whenever my partner is not with me, she consistly asked me (she even poked me) and says she "knows i have had it done" so then i get a message from her saying that to st
  14. I noticed the top of mine started to soften first, and at 4 months, they are quite soft still on the top and can push them together, however they still have a way to go, as they are still firm at the bottom and underneath. can't wait for full squishy ness!
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