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  1. @PN1982 I'm sure this is much too late if a reply I only just got on the forum now sorry! The website is the top one ? @Tenille so easy to go through the hospital! I went with my boyfriend but would have been totally fine going alone. I also didn't want to go with a company so I could choose where I wanted to stay and how long etc @AshC I thought about insurance but didn't end up getting any
  2. I'd love to be 65kg lol! I had a BL/BA and got 325cc moderate overs. They're a good size for me but I had DD before the op so it was more filling them out for me
  3. My step-sister had under the arm in Bangkok about 5 years ago. She said she was in a lot of pain when she woke up and that day but was out shopping the next day. She did rip stitches though trying on some clothes. Hers look amazing and she's had no problems, think she got around 300cc. I had a lift so can't really give you any help with under the boob sorry
  4. I was 73kg when weighed at the hospital but my home scales said 71! ? And I'm 163cm
  5. I'm not sure about high intensity but my surgeon said at four weeks I could start lower body exercises. As for running, yoga etc I wouldn't want to try it yet as I'm still a little sore, I'll probably wait several more weeks
  6. Hey Nat I had a BL/BA a week ago. Noy the same as you but I was already a 12D/DD so quite a bit of breast tissue to begin with. I ended up with 325cc round moderate profile overs and they look very natural. As NJoy said your surgeon will know best I thought I would need dual plane, moderate plus or high profile, a bigger implant but I trusted my surgeons recommendation and I'm so glad I did! I also asked about breast feeding as I haven't had children yet and the doctor said it should be fine. There may be some interruption from the lift but not too much and the implant
  7. Yup I did the same. Found it easier and quicker than going through companies
  8. I was really nervous up until 2-3 weeks ago and then I just wanted it over with lol. I had a couple of butterflies in my stomach on the drive to the hospital but after that was fine! I thought I'd be crazy nervous ? You'll be fine!
  9. I went really well! Surgery yesterday around 11am and got discharged today. I got 325cc overs which was surprising but he said I have very thick skin and no need to go under. He also removed 20g of tissue with the lift. I thought I'd have to go bigger but they look pretty perfect for my frame. And they're so wonderful, the nurses are very sweet and everything ran so smoothly
  10. We are flying out tonight to Phuket!! Very excited! Surgery on Friday with Dr Sanguan ??
  11. I'm waiting! Haha next Friday omg
  12. Thankyou and you too!! Best of luck!
  13. @Excited33 Not exactly sure on size yet as I'm getting a lift as well but it will probably be dual plane placement. He's recommended 275-350cc and I'm hoping for more around 400 but obviously will go with what he thinks! Very exciting, I can't wait for it to be over haha
  14. I only just found this now! I'm booked 23rd December in Phuket getting so close now ???
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