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  1. Hi @Rhishizz I went with Dr Allan Kalus at Avenue Plastic Surgery in Melb. Very happy with results and with the after care
  2. If you think you need a tummy tuck, then do it all at once. Otherwise you willend up having the belly button repositioned twice
  3. I suffer from lower back problems. I have had less issues since having my tummy muscles repaired. Could be a coincidence i guess, or it could be improved core strength
  4. I had a mummy makeover in melb. I think the tummy tuck and muscle repair was about $12k on its own. It was a total of $26k for boobs, tummy tuck, muscle repair and lipo to 2 areas. That included everything (surgeon fees, all after care appointments, 2 bras etc). I didnt have to stay overnight in hospital. It was going to cost $800 per night to stay there. My surgeon suggested i stay in a nearby hotel with my carer. I went back for a checkup each day. I managed to get FOUR nights in a 2 bedroom apartment for $800 total. The recovery really isn't a big deal
  5. Hey there I am 4 months post op from my mummy makeover. I got tummy tuck, muscle repair, liposuction to 2 areas, and a breast augmentation. $26k in total. Inc all post op care, 2 bras etc. I had it done in melb. A forum friend had the same done for $16k in thailand at the same time. We are both happy with our results. Yell out if you want any info on what to expect. I found the recovery very managable. You will be so happy with your new self
  6. You wouldn't know i had implants now. They feel like my own boobs. I used to have triangular shaped boobs/nipples (though not deemed tuberous) and they have now rounded off nicely
  7. How exciting for you!! If future breast health is important to you, ask about placement options that allow you to still have mammograms as you get older (eg. Under the muscle). Also be mindful that if you try on rice sizers, they can look much larger than the actual implant once it is in. I looked like a DD with 400cc rice sizers in my bra. But with 400cc implants i am more like a large C cup
  8. With rice sizers, my 400cc looked like a DD, but with the implant in i look more like a full c cup. Very different
  9. I have saline implants!! Mine state: 350cc + 50cc (so assume they are 350 implants filled to 400cc, which is what we agreed on). Mine felt hard for probably the first 2 weeks. I am about 3 months post op now and i love them. They are soft and natural looking.
  10. Hi @Chan7710 I have tagged you in my review, which will give you lots of info about my experience (consult, surgery, post op care). I have healed well. Really happy with the results. For the whole package (breast augmentation, lipo to 2 areas, tummy tuck with muscle repair, all post op appointments, 2 post op bras, surgical tape and rosehip oil to last 3 months, 3 x light treatment to reduce scarring) it was $25,800. I have been back about 6 times as part of my follow up. I had a little fluid build up above my belly button (totally normal after the skin is raised from a TT)
  11. I am 172cm. 88kgs (which sounds a lot, but i fit into 12/14 clothes. I got 400cc which took me from a b to a d. I am so much more in proportion now
  12. I have an autoimmune disease, where my body attacks parts of itself. For this reason, i went with saline, as i wanted the most natural substance i can get (even though you still have a thin silicone bag around it, if it ever breaks, the water is just absorbed by my body). I haven't had any issues. They are very soft and natural looking. People often worry "what if something goes wrong?" But i ask "what if it doesn't? And it is the best thing you ever do for yourself" :-)
  13. Hi @Hunee22 I went through Dr Kalus at Avenue Plastic Surgery. Very happy with my experience. I wanted saline, and they are very soft and natural. They have their own private hospital and surgical team. Very professional. After care has been great. You can choose to stay overnight, but i chose to stay in a nearby apartment for 4 nights instead (ihad a full mummy makeover. Boobs. Tummy tuck. Muscle repair. Lipo). He uses drains, and the nurse injected local anaesthetic up the tubes before removing them, so it didn't hurt at all. I highly recommend their whole team.
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