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    Halo reacted to Jbaby in Recommend Brisbane BA Surgeons please   
    I'm booked in with Dr Broadhurst on the 29th feb. I knew he was the one for me almost instantly when I had my first consult with him. I am borderline for a lift but have decided to go with a straight BA first. Price is around the 9K mark and was quoted around 14K for the BA/BL. 
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    Halo reacted to inertia in Recommend Brisbane BA Surgeons please   
    I'm having a lift and implants with Dr Richardson on 26th February. Total recovery time is 6 weeks, after that you should be able to do everything as you were before. From what I've been told I'll need someone to help me with the kids for atleast a week so my husband is having 9 days off. I think he said I should be able to pick my 2 year old up after a couple of weeks depending on how I'm feeling.  But no housework for 3 weeks. Dr Richardson charges around $8990 for implants but as I also need a lift mine is around $14,500 in total.
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    Halo reacted to tinylittlekitty in Recommend Brisbane BA Surgeons please   
    I had my lift and implants done with Dr Richardson at Brisbane plastic surgery. Im nearly 3 months post op and i love my new boobies. He is a very relaxed guy, very cruisy which made me feel more relaxed. When i went for consult he didnt push me to make a booking for surgery at the end of it, he actually recommended i come back for a second consult after i had time to process and in case i had more questions. I feel he is a very competent surgeon and knowledgeable. I went into my consult with 3 pages of questions, by the end of his explanations and recommendations i only had 3 he hadnt answered. He has a great staff too they check up on you post op and book ur follow up appts as you go, if you freak out about size and want to try the sizers again which i did it was never a problem. 
    You can friend request me if you want to see before and afters of his work  
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    Halo reacted to Boobs4louise in Recommend Brisbane BA Surgeons please   
    I had Dr Broadhurst through tbi, I highly recommend him, love my new boobs, the whole experience has been really easy (except all my freak outs about size, how they'll look lol)
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