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  1. Hey i see what you saying im very happy with what my surgeon chose i ended up with 210cc and they definately look bigger
  2. omg after reading all the above and below post it does really depend on each persons body and boobs as i ended up getting moderate profile 210cc in as he thought they looked just right! Im not the smallest build and i have quite alot of muscle as i do bodybuilding... i am so so happy with what i got and he did have the 220cc there but chose what he thought was right for me! Im very happy! hey girls!! Surgery went well! Ended up getting 210cc put in and love them
  3. Hi im booked in to have surgery in a few day and the surgeon has suggested that i go either 210 or 220cc to give me a full b or small c, my boobs are currently a full b in a padded b bra, im scared it wont make much of a difference... i have boiled rice and measured out 180grams and 220grams to give me an idea and they seem to look good
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