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    Hi, I don't have pics handy that I can share however I am 45kgs and had implants put in 6 yrs ago. I was a c cup and asked for small implants. I was more after a bit of lift than size. I ended up an E to F cup. The implants were meant to take me to a DD. I ended up so top heavy, they pulled the skin down over the top of the implants and I looked so much worse than before. I was stared at and embarrassed.  I had to have them removed less than 4 yrs later due to slipping and back pain. I saw Dr Scarlett. I had replacement implants and a lift. I'm very happy with my size. The shape is not the most even, scars are quite noticeable still (a year on) and I'm going back due to a concave on the left breast, also a little sagging skin under one scar. Take care with size if you are of small frame. It can make you look top heavy. The Dr will place them either under muscle or over depending on how much breast tissue and muscle mass you have. Good luck with your choice. 
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