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    Breast augmentation
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    Dr Cary Kailis 6/2/2016
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    5"10 63kgs 10A pre op - went for UM round 325cc HP.
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    Mum and business owner
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    Health, fitness, travel, shopping

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  1. Did a time/date get decided upon for this ladies? x
  2. Thanks babe. I'm well happy. Will post another as I'm at 4weeks po now. Mine are 325cc textured round unders HP. ?
  3. Keen!!!! I don't mind if just chicks or our men too. Cruisy as re day/time too, although notice would be good as I'm a Fifi wife/mum . Cant wait to meet you all! Btw Perthies, I'm celebrating with an intimo party if any one is keen. Text me on 0417110387 and I can send you deets x
  4. 2 weeks post op. Dont mind the lop-sided-ness ? Awkies selfie stance! Loving my 'girls' and they're creating some well deserved hype! first appearance for them last night at a wedding. Choosing an outfit to suit the bra was difficult, but dancing with jugs is crazy weird! I felt I had to embrace them inconspicuously so they didn't bounce up in my face, plus it hurt! First world problems they say! ???
  5. they look incred babe! Hawt! Ice ice ice! Rest rest rest! And keep on top of your meds. ?
  6. I was hugely nervous babe, I'd say it's completely normal. Any surgery is scary! Try relax and focus on the outcome. Youll love it! Goodluck x
  7. thanks babe. How'd your appointment go today?
  8. oh honey. Ouch! Feeling for you x
  9. Stitch removal day!!! Yeeehah!!!!
  10. Dang! You look fiiiiiine! ???????? girls can be awful but I figure if they're talking they're wishing , wishing they had what you have. Embrace them babe and don't let anyone dull your sparkle! x
  11. Man , it feels good to love the skin your in! #boobiebliss ???
  12. I was just I was just saying to my husband, this time last week I was under! Wow time flies! Out atm but will take a 1 week post op pic too. @Newboobies-mf they look super babe! My right one is still burning - like toe-curling burning and I've not had a #2 since Saturday!!!! Seeing dr on Monday. How are you feeling? x
  13. I've got real burning in my right boob - almost like a Chinese burn - anyone got similar or know what it might be?
  14. Hey newboobs. No antibiotics given to me either, only via drip. I just woke up then from a sleep and felt very faint. Damn endone. My right incision is stinging today and boobs are hot to touch. Don't know if it's the weather or what. Hoping not infection. Thats so exciting bikinichic. Excited for you x
  15. Hey dolls! I'm now post op day 4. Slept much better last night. Got a new boomerang pillow which worked a treat. Lots of back pain and boobs still very high, tight and swollen. Sternum very bruised and sore. hubby got home yesterday (he was up at work for my op) and he loves them! So happy! Overall, loving my new additions! May sons are noticing. I quote my 6yo boy when helping me hop into the bath "I like your boobies Mumma, you look like a real lady now". He's so right! I feel it! ???????
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