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    1ml Juvederm October 2015 (lips)
    1ml Juvederm April 2016 (lips)
    1ml Juvederm July 2016 (lips)
    1ml Juvederm April 2016 (cheeks)
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    Dr Mark Lee, 23 March 2016
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  1. Thanks hun, I knew bottoming out was a possibility with this surgery so I'm not too bummed about it - these things happen! Fingers crossed my appointment goes well
  2. Depends if it's too big an implant or if my surgeon made the pocket too big... it's it's a pocket issue then I should be able to upsize no problem.
  3. Can anyone who has experienced bottoming out let me know what I should expect in terms of pricing and recovery for the procedure? I'm going to contact Mark's office first thing in the morning and get an appointment booked in asap. Waaaaaaah, so disappointed
  4. Dammit! Hopefully should be able to fix it by the end of the year...
  5. Hey ladies, I'm 6 months post op and went from an a cup to an F cup (535cc XHP silicone, under the muscle.) Initially, I was happy with the my boobs as I though that they would drop, but it seems like the boobs have dropped but the nipple has stayed up really high. It's really annoying especially when I'm bra shopping as my nipples show through the top of each and every bra. I'm seeing my surgeon in November to discuss, but I wanted some opinions from you ladies. As a side note, I'm considering a revision as I'd like to go 800cc+ ... possibly he can fix it then? Help!!
  6. Good luck @Lauren F and @missboobies !! I hope everything goes smoothly How would Saturday 23rd April suit everyone? Maybe around 3pm? Once we've decided on a date and time we can msg everyone the location details x
  7. Ladies should we arrange the catchup for sometime this month? @Renni, I was thinking Kings Park (we can private msg everyone a day and time so as to keep it private). @Hazelnut what date is your surgery?
  8. It went well, thanks hun! I'm off the pain meds (finally!) and have my 2 week post op appointment tomorrow - crazy how fast time has flown. I'm loving my new boobs! Hopefully us Perth girls can all catchup soon
  9. I see Dr Mela from Bramis in Subi, she does my lips and a little bit of botox too. She's great- she's a qualified medical doctor and performs all injections herself. She is on the more conservative side (which is great for first timers!) but she does do a more fake look if you explain what you're after. -- Top left photo: no filler Bottom left photo: 0.7ml Juvederm in Oct 2015 Top right photo: 1ml filler in Feb 2016 Bottom right photo: Taken in March 2016 with gloss on to show how big they can look when "dressed up" (1.7ml in total over 6 months) Dr Mela charges $450 per ml for Juvederm, but they sometimes have specials for $399 a ml (keep an eye on the Bramis Facebook page). I think she charges around $15 a unit for botox. Dr Mela is fairly conservative, and I want her to do 2ml on my next visit but we'll see how I go!
  10. I'm 152cm, 49kg, BWD 12cm. I went with the largest implant I could fit without complications according to my ps - 535cc XHP silicone unders. Because I'm petite they do look large on me, but I like that look. I'm only 12 days post op so I'm hoping they get bigger it really depends what look you're after.
  11. Effie


    I second this! I had lip filler, microdermabrasion, and teeth whitening done at Radiance (my sister had the same except she had Botox instead of fillers). It's a great clinic, although Dr Siti is veeeeery conservative with her fillers (she would only allow me to have 0.7ml and wouldn't give me more when I returned and asked for a top up a week later). Although I love the big fake lip look, I liked that she isn't all about money and really cares about how her client looks. I also had Dermapen (skin needling) done at Coocoon Medical Spa in Bali. This is a more luxurious clinic and their prices are higher than Radiance. I had a great experience here as well.
  12. This is very early on d&f but I'm pretty excited that it's happening! Can't wait to see what they look like in 3 months time!
  13. Glad to hear it! 12E!? Ah-mazing! I'm very much looking forward to getting sized and getting out of my hideous post-op bra. So happy to hear that you're loving your size
  14. Wow, it looks like you had the Botox - your injector is so talented! Who did them for you? Thanks for the boobie compliment, they're still super sore and I feel like crap but I think i love them already
  15. Thanks babe! I feel like ***** (my recovery has been very painful) so this made me smile x
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