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    BA: 255cc anatomical, medium height, moderate plus profile
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    Dr Miroshnik - 28/04/2016 - Insta @Ba.DrMiroshnik.2016
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    157cm / 43kg / Pre:8-10A Post:10C?

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  1. @KittenLover 5 weeks for me and feeling pretty good! implants are slowly softening, i can kinda squish them together a bit so thats good! Its getting too cold for me to apply strataderm on my incision and wait for it to dry though hahah
  2. About 5 weeks post op now. Probably either same size or the tiniest it smaller
  3. Bras n things are selling bralettes atm, they have about 3-4 different bralette styles? http://www.brasnthings.com/esmeree-soft-cup-long-line-black (I have this and its super nice) http://www.brasnthings.com/kylie-soft-cup-bralette-ivory-black http://www.brasnthings.com/loxy-soft-cup-long-line-black http://www.brasnthings.com/lucile-soft-cup-long-line-black Edit: added links
  4. Just go for 10E, im an 8 as well but aint nobody got time for that!
  5. @Viv 10C I also bought a 10B as well that fits if i loosen the straps a tad
  6. @KittenLover wire free from Kmart ☺️
  7. I'm still a little numb at my under boob but its slowly going away also todays first day wearing a bra thats not my compression bra. OH MY GOD THE FREEDOMMMM
  8. @NotHappyJan omg 4 weeks soon!! Holy moly! Have you regained feelings in the numbed areas? I'm slowly regaining it.. Itchy as heck haha. I actuall haven't noticed if my nipple is bigger or not?? It says it shouldn't change shape at all on the paper ive been given but i guess it never mentioned size. Have you called your Dr yet? haha damn you're back to doing light exercises already?! Maybe im just too much of a lazy ass and using my surgery as an excuse to not be outdoors for more than 1 minute hahah also my nipples have started to be dry-ish / flakey-ish now too
  9. sorry not a few days off, im a few days over 2 weeks haha oops. Recoverys been pretty great. Typical standard pains here and there but thats about it.. I want my jiggle and my drop already!! haha hows your recovery?
  10. @Emi I'm just a few days off 2 weeks and i get sharp pains in my incision.. But if you have a fever you should probably contact your dr or the nurse just to be safe x
  11. Also once you feel good enough try to have short walks regularly just to stretch your body out a bit. I went out twice in the two weeks off and once I got back to work it was so difficult ? and I have an office job haha so it shouldn't be difficult *cue worlds smallest violin*
  12. @imeauxxx thank you! ? I'm glad it helped. I'll be uploading an album on this forum soon once I find the time. hopefully help other girls who's looking for a more subtle enhancement. x
  13. Hey! I don't have that but my info sheet from Dr M said thats totally normal and it is from being stretched.
  14. Hey! I went with dr M and I'm 157cm, previously A cup, 43kg (well.. was 45kg now haha) and i got 255cc. I wanted the natural subtle look and i think i actually got a bit bigger than what i originally intended however, not disappointed at all. Wouldn't have wanted to go any bigger though. I'm almost 2 weeks post ops with some photos in the April thread and more photos on my instagram BA.DrMiroshnik.2016
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