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  1. Im 22 and feel exactly the same as you! I had mine done in May of last year with Dr. Miroshnik. I recently went in for a meeting with him to talk about my options: having an explant or removal and replacement. I was quoted approx $8,000 for explant and $9,300 for removal and replacement. You could definitely take them out and at our age without much effect. He said to me as I was still young my skin will eventually retract and shrink back to nearly exactly the same as pre BA. I would definitely suggest going to your surgeon and having a chat with them. But if you still do want bigger boobs an option I've been looking at is fat transfer. It's a more natural option and less invasive than a full breast augmentation. Good luck!
  2. If you wouldn't mind sharing the price for the the procedure I'd really appreciate it! I had my first BA last year and am fairly unhappy with the results. The size and implants themselves don't suit me as I'm super petite up top. So now I've been looking to get them removed and instead try fat transfers.
  3. Hey ladies, just thought I'd share a progress shot. I'm 7 days post op and feeling like myself! My right (your left) has started to drop nicely and my left (your right) has started catching up after being stuck for a few days.
  4. How is everybody feeling so far? I'm 4 days post op and finally starting to feel like myself. Haven't had any endones or valium yet today (will just take them to help with a more comfortable sleep). The only thing giving me a literal headache was all the damn smog in sydney messing with my sinuses, ugh. Oh and my lower back is really starting to ache from sleeping on back/lounging around all day. Hope all you post op girls are doing really well and are happy with your results, and pre op girls are super excited for the new boobies!
  5. I'm doing alright, I think I may have overextended myself yesterday because my left side is in a lot of pain. It was also my smaller boob so it had more stretching to do. Sleeping sucks to be honest and morning boob and moving my upper body at all is a struggle. Trying not to use my left arm/side at all to rest it. Be warned about sneezing: it hurts! Lol
  6. Thanks so much girls! I'm loving them despite the pain Wish I could skip ahead another week or two and avoid it all. I have a weird dent on my left side (your right) which I'm hoping is normal as well as a bubbling feeling.
  7. @Bettyboobs Best to start moving around as quickly as you're able! It really helps to loosen everything up and help with recovery. Even if you just have a walk around the block would do you a world of good My dr just gave me some arm and breathing exercises to loosen them up but not to start until tomorrow as I only had surgery yesterday. POD1: just thought I'd share my first post op photo of the girls. Spent most of yesterday in and out of sleep. Didn't have very good sleep last night either and morning boob was giving me a bit of strife. Leftie isn't feeling great with some stinging so trying to keep the ice packs on as much as possible to help. Lucky I've got my mum home today with me and my best friend is coming over soon. Will probably go for a walk to get out of the house and move around. Also got some bruising underneath, I don't think I started on the arnica fast enough to do much good but I'm still taking it. But I'm loving the size so far! Can't wait to see them change bit by bit everyday ^.^
  8. Awh no @Hannabee92 that's awful! I can't imagine it getting worse have you been taking your endones and vailium to help with pain?? Does anything else seem to help? I hope you start feeling better asap! Ive been walking around the house a lot today which is helping, think I'll start the arm exercises tomorrow.
  9. Also, call out to Dr. M girls: I was super out of it when he came in to talk to me but do I change out of my black post op and into the white one for bed? And do I start the arm/chest exercises already? Thank you in advance
  10. Thanks for the kind words girlies! I definitely underestimated the pain and discomfort but Dr. M said the surgery went perfectly with no bleeding. He went with the 280cc's and I'm loving the size so far! Haven't had the strength to get a proper look but had a peek earlier. Will upload a post op tomorrow hopefully. I thought I'd post this for now, I think it looks pretty cool lol @TommysGirl arnica tablets are really good to help with the swelling and bruising after surgery
  11. Hahah that's kinda sounds a little bit fun (not the pain part lol) ^.^ I'll be in your shoes tomorrow! @Hannabee92
  12. Looks great @Hannabee92! How're you feeling so far?
  13. @jessmcd & @betty boobs so excited for you girlies! Good luck and let us know how you go
  14. Thanks gals, I've got the okay from the nurses ! Phew
  15. Hey ladies, just a question regarding piercings. I have a lot of ear piercings which I will have to take out though I just got a new one about a week ago. I talked to the piercers and they said because it's 14k gold and hospital grade titanium it was totally safe to wear during surgery. Also I physically cannot take it out without their help Have any of you worn any piercings into surgery? side note: three days until surgery (sqeals in excitement) and my mum, the legend bought me the most comfortable horseshoe/'U' shaped pillow. Slept on it last night, such a good nights sleep!
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