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    Dr Kim Harwood - Rejuvination Clinic 26th September 2012
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  1. I will upload some pics when I can :)do you have a surgery date?
  2. They are definitely nice & soft, very real (in my opinion). But yes I can also feel the edge of the implant in places, can only tell by feel, not by looking at.
  3. Had my 6month checkup today. Everything is as it should be )) Stoked! Great surgeon. Great experience. I'm so happy about being able to wear backless dresses now too. Anyone looking into having BA, make sure you at least gave a consult with Dr Harwood (why not, it's free!!). My titteez are fabulous, I love them xxx
  4. Hi I just wanted to know what the reason is you are not meant to wear underwires for 6months after BA?
  5. Thanks so much for all the replies, I was hoping the girls on this forum would make me feel better BellaM; I definitely agree that I go through different emotions about my tits being just right or too small (I def don't think they are too big lol). I went dual plane (which is half under, half over muscle), so the same rule might apply to me..? I would love to see your pictures, I really want to share my own but unfortunately this site does not let me upload from an iPad or iPhone (my PC is out of action). Allaboutboobs; I have no idea about dropping & fluffing, will have to research
  6. I had my BA done nearly 2wks ago & today I had my first downer about not going big enough... I don't actually know what cup size I am at the moment as I have not bought any new bras, but I got 410 HP silimed (brazillian) anatomicals. They have turned out great, but just feeling greedy I guess. Any of you ladies been upset by your size? I just want to know I am not alone. Please share your experience with me. Hubby says "why can't you just be happy?" & "sounds like you're whinging!" .... Made me cry
  7. Good luck tomorrow barely_there & pattytrixia, u girls are last off the rank! Wooohoooo!
  8. Thanks for checking in on me... I am feeling better today. Woke up and I wasn't too tender sickness is gone, but I have stopped taking the painkillers Dr H sent home with me, which is why I was nausaus. Getting by on plain ole panadol I been to the shops today & was able to visit my new born niece! I'm now back at home resting up. Still feeling good, even though I have been out n about all day. I'm hoping tomorrow I will be feeling even better.
  9. Bettywilma, thanks for the congrats. I cannot wait to meet my little niece So I ended up having a Valium last night & two standard panadols. Was able to sleep for a solid 6 hours and I didn't wake up too tender. I'm feeling pretty good. I don't have sickness anymore, I've decided not to take the painkillers Dr H sent home with me, I'm going to try & get by on panadol. Really don't like feeling crook & vomiting.
  10. Good luck tomorrow allaboutboobs! Bettywilma YAY, it's finally done! Congrats to you Sounds like you remember a lot more than me. But I do remember some fantastic news I got whilst in recovery... My sister gave birth to a little baby girl )) I do not remember talking to Dr H, nor do I know if I even spoke to him at all..? Can't really remember the drive home, the part I do remember is my husband nearly going through a red light... I was saying "red light! Red light! RED LIGHT!" geeeez!! I have been sick from the meds, vomited twice since I been home, so not really feeling great, but th
  11. Oh....and good luck today Bettywilma & Smalljoy. I look forward to checking in with you both xx
  12. Lol I have no idea how I managed to reply with 2 quotes hahahahaha.... Please ignore the first quote :/
  13. Hey Bex31.. Yes I spoke to one of the nurses today & she told me I can wear makeup to surgery, so yeh just going to wear a little bit so I feel nice. And I soooo cannot wait to get me a spray tan once they are all healed.... I am hanging! Does anyone know how long to wait? Less than 7hours to go.... Better get some sleep
  14. Good luck for 2moro how exciting!
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