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  1. I felt the same way hated the bras but they got better, are they pulling on your dressing? Mine was so j got some micro pore tape to tape down the side and there was less irritation it's a butch changing the micro pore tape daily though tomorrow I can take the dressings off I can't wait!!! I emailed the nurse at dr Ms and she said to me to wear the post op bra for 3 weeks then u can change to a different wore free bra so long as it's supportive. They do start to get better, I still felt that digging in feeling today, I figure it could be them dropping, they are definitely lower than what they were I love taking off my bra for a shower though! This usually fixes that feeling and I use bio oil in them so they aren't dry at all. Hope this helps.
  2. Hey yes I'm 19 days post op and I'm still getting that milk coming in feeling every now and then, not sure what that's about but not painful just notice it.
  3. Hi everyone im 2 weeks post op today and feeling more human yay! First day back at work which is interesting. I've never tried to hide my boobs before and make them not obvious 😉 Is anyone else like me? I found the first week post op waaaaay better than I imagined, was up walking when i felt up to it, stopped taking endone on day 3 I think, went down to panadiene extra then just paracetamol for the last week, but have found the past week more difficult to cope with? The constant low level pain maybe due to me not taking stronger pain medication has really had me down and my mood to boot as well as the tiredness, probably should have been napping daily but didn't despite having this last week off work. Being home and not being able to do certain things had me frustrated. Now that I'm feeling a bit more comfortable I'm feeling more relaxed and less stiff which is good. I was expecting to feel back to normal now not sure why I knew it takes time to heal. Any how if you feel like this before hitting week 2 there is a light, have to take each day as it comes everyday does get a bit better and the swelling has gone down so much. I'm still sleeping propped up but not as high as I was. Hope everyone else is recovering well and testing while you can if you need to. One thing im not enjoying at the mo is getting goose bumps from being cold, makes my boobs feel really weird. Otherwise feel like I'm on the up and up now!
  4. Hey @Matreshka Email the nurse at dr M's I'm pretty sure you shouldn't have aspirin it's a blood thinner and could cause bleeding, she'll tell you what to get. You can also ring your anaethsitist for advice if it's kerryn (was mine with dr M) she was going to do a script for pandiene forte if I wanted as endone made me nauseous but i just cut back to one so didn't need it. Oh no u must be in quite a bit of pain hope you feel better soon!
  5. I have different stats to you and I went dual plane however yes mine looked maaaasssive from what I'm expecting to end up with. @tilly17 is right loads of the swelling goes down, I'm 10 days post op and can see a big change, mine are starting to look like I was expecting I knew they were going to look so much bigger to start with and I hoped for that. apparently if u think they are too big when your swollen you should be happy once the swelling goes down. Everyone is different of course. I found in the last 2 days tightening my post op bra vehicle still being comfortable has made a big change, I was looking a bit assymetrical and kept adjusting that side to cover the whole breast and now they are looking even. Looks like you have a post op bra on in the pick, some about half I think don't wear them as per instructions of their PS definitely do as yours has said but if u do wear one its ment to help with the swelling. I'll send a FR request and you can check out my pics they change so much and I'm sure will only get better it's all a process.
  6. So true, I'm not doing too much but was expecting to feel all back to normal by 1 week for some reason. Healing time is key I go back to work in4 days which will be 2 weeks postop so going to rest as much as possible before then. Thanks for the reminder I told myself that but when I'm home I see housework and kids but I will just do minimAl it's not for long. Idler a bit down yesterday the low level pain and tiredness was getting to me. Going to take a nap today think that will help so I don't have to take any panadiene extra trying not to have this my bloating finally went down yesterday at 9 days post op wohoo!
  7. I saw dr M and didn't have drains I had dual plane with no lift. Kind of wish I had them to get rid of some of the swelling. @Uniquely Designed I know what u mean i wanted this for 17 years! Since I was 16 I remember I was 16 and I rang a surgeons rooms to ask how much a BA costs and cried when i got off the phone. So happy I have them now especially now I'm done with having children!
  8. I've been putting my hands in my head as per my post op exercises daily not above tho and tonight I washed my hair in the shower, felt so good when I got out the best I've felt all day, was the first shower I felt more normal. Feels strange to feel my boob on the inside of my bicep! Nothing was there before 😉 My morning boob this morning was a slight twinge when I woke up still lying elevated but back not completely flat which may have helped, my morning boob has only ever been when I first get out of bed then it's gone. Was definitely still uncomfortable 1 week post up but heaps better then Day 2/3 which were my worst with the swelling. Think I'll take @Nay advice and have a nap tomorrow am still feeling really tired even tho I'm sleeping well at night. hope everyone is recovering well so exciting seeing everyone going through this together but at slightly different stages 😄😎
  9. Yeas she said its normal and to do with the healing on the inside of the breast. Mine slowly got better and stopped yesterday so 8 days post op it was a ***** when it hppened. I didn't get it after doing any housework although am finding my muscles sore following anything that remotely uses them especially under my armpits and side of my rob age. Mine wasn't around where the incision was it was in the side and was triggered when I held my arm in certain positions not extended much at all. I get your frustration, I had to vacuum yesterday morning as my daughter broke a glass on our tiles while the other kids were sitting at the bench I had to vacuum, did it slowly tho which was fine but I so badly want to vacuum the whole house! Not going to for at least a month, advice from my sister she waited 6 weeks after her BA just to be sure so I'm putting my efforts into sorting kids wardrobes clothes and light things while I'm off work so I don't feel like I'm doing nothing even tho I'm ment to be doing nothing 😅🙃 #mumlife 😆
  10. Hey i had what felt like a sharp/shock kind of feeling in my right hand side from about day 2 post op, the nurse said it was due to my stitches, in my mind I thought of the stitches on my skin under the breast but she said there are stitches around the whole implant on the inside so this type of feeling is to do with that. 9days post op I'm not getting that type of pain anymore but I am getting different low level pain in different areas which feels different but figure it's all part of the recovery process. Enough to be annoying and at times seems constant but isn't getting any worse just taking longer than I thought to feel normal. I was so happy post op I was expecting that to be way more painful than I thought but I am realizing this tender feeling could go in for some time. @Kazza thanks for the heads up my nurse said the same thing about the nipples, good to know it might be around week 3. She also said to play with them when I can! She said it will hurt but will help with the feeling, not sure if I'll be doing that as this low level incomfortableness is annoying enough. Whats everyone doing for pain relief at the mo? That's around 1 week or more post op? I've only been in panadol for the past 6 days but decided to take a panadiene extra (codiene) today to be more comfortable but don't want to take too much codiene.
  11. Hey @Sunnycoast83 how exciting! Can't wait to see how u go I nearly wish I was back there I loved it in Sydney and the whole process, good memories (was only last Tuesday!) wishing you well with your recovery!
  12. Hey @boobiebuf I was out walking around the following day taking it easy went out for breakfast then lunch, the westfields at Bondi junction was a very short walk up the road so I could head back and rest when I wanted. looking back I was still affected from the general and endone but felt more comfortable walking around westfields than in the apartment I was staying in, (went interstate for my surgery) did that on day 1 and day 2 post op although fell asleep in the movies on day 2 then was really tired on day 3 which i sat in a hair salon for 5 hours (lots of hair!) then Day 4 stayed in and rested, day 5 went walking Around Sydney for most of the day still taking it easy then retired to the apartment and watched Netflix. I just listed to my body that's the best thing you can do. Day 7 post op and I'm still taking it easy back home into mumlife still just listening to my body so much more comfortable now but think I had a really good run. 16 days exciting for you! I can't believe how fast the last week has gone! Recovery is going very well! Good luck today @Matreshka I've sent a FR and a private message! All the best for today!
  13. Hey @emmalouise these are what I was given from dr M, never hurt but took it easy with them for the first 2 days now don't feel right doing them and I'm 5 days post op. I have a little cut/graze too and in that side of occasionally have a sharpe stinging feeling in that side has eased up over the last few days, all the best with your recovery. Endone was awesome for me for the first few days stopped on day 3 I think was taking 1 only every 4 hours. I found the first 24 hours a walk in the park then the selling kicked in them eased on day 3 now just feels heavy in my chest as there was nothing there before! Hi @Matreshka I had a BA with Dr M on the 2nd of August so 5 days post op now. Have you had your consult yet? I'm from out of town so i had mine the day before surgery. You are in good hands!!! He is lovely and so gorgeous! Makes you feel super comfortable and he is very confident in his work. Let me know if you have any questions.....I'm still in Sydney go home tomorrow after my check with his nurse. Missing my kids and husband pretty badly but making the most of quiet resting time. I'm staying in the quest apartments.
  14. Thanks @emmalouise @Kazza and @BAExcitement75 it's getting better and not too bad just annoying and only in certain muscle activation I think. Makes sense @Kazza I am right handed for the muscles to be more tense thanks 🤓 Good luck @emmalouise today not that yku will need it 😜 Wish you well with your healing. Post op morning day 4 and i feel great! Still a bit tired so gonna hang in and watch Netflix maybe get my nails done, loving my new boobies although they r too big for now I know once the swelling goes down they'll be awesome, I have cleavage in a tshirt that I thought would be a good coverage top 😂😂 how's everyone else's recovery going? And nerves for the up coming event???
  15. Hey girls anyone experiencing discomfort in one side only? My left side I can move my arm everywhere I try with no pain at all but my right I get a stinging felling shoot through my breast it stops when I relax my arm and only in certain positions I'm not taking my hands above my head dos don't think it's the stitches pulling. The nurse said its fine which I'm sure it is especially only being 3 days post op now but just curious if anyone else is feeling that. Right is also more swollen. Can't believe how speedy the recovery has been although I have been resting but also walking around a bit, feeling tired yesterday and will Netflix and chill today I think. Sat in a hair salon yesterday for 5 hours!!!! I have a lot of hair. Anyone coming to bondi junction I highly recommend catwalk platinum opposite quest/dr miroshniks rooms I saw david he is an awesome person if u like to have a good chat!
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